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  1. I have seen many sellers commenting that buyer request are fake. I for one can state that I’m a buyer and have posted requests actually 2 on here today and 1 on another freelancer site. When we do these request we put the minimum requirements and skills we want someone to have for what we are asking for. More times then not we have 30-40 responses and less then 10% actually have what we are looking for. example I want someone that is fluent in English or better yet conversational in English. With that said we can tell by the way the proposal is written normally right away if we will be able to understand the seller. Then you have the ones that say they can do the job and seem like their work will meet your requirements so you send a message asking a few more questions since their proposal wasn’t clear on what it would include or if it will include what you asked for. The responses a lot of time are so not professional and don’t actually answer the questions you asked. Example trying to confirm that the proposal included what we had asked for since it wasn’t stated. We get back a hi or OK when there was more then 1 question we didn’t make a statement we asked a question. This is so frustrating that we then have to ask again to confirm plus with time differences the wait in between messages can be time consuming when you want to get the job done so you can start using what you are wanting to buy. So from a buyer please sellers think about this before replying to request read through what they are asking for make sure you can actually do the job that is being requested. Do your proposal for the actual work requested and include those items in the the proposal and the pay you are asking for. When a buyer ask additional questions answer them don’t just say ok cause you are busy if you can’t respond professionally when you see it let it sit and come back to it. Also don’t expect every request you send a proposal for will get a reply buyers also don’t have the time to reply to 40-50 people each time especially if they don’t feel your work is what they asked for. If your profile doesn’t have examples of what they are asking for consider offering to make a simple sample to show them you can do what they are asking for
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