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  1. Welcome I have some tips for you that can help you as a newbie Try to be online most of the time.Send 10 buyer requests daily.Improve your images (Current images are boring) get ideas from your competitionShare your gigs on social mediawatch some videos on YouTube for different topics you are confused aboutI hope it helps.
  2. Hoping for a Great improvement
  3. So this is the Right Answer. So new sellers don’t have idea to write or send a proper and appealing Buyer Requests to get orders. So they post request matching their services to get response from Experience sellers. They copy their buyer request to apply for the job. That’s it. Jeekay
  4. I have completed the requirements for TRS and waiting for 3 months to Upgrade to TRS. Is there any hidden requirements to fulfill to be nominated as a TRS because the basic requirements are complete?
  5. For the Old seller who are selling from years and have level 2. I don’t thing it will benefit them much but for new sellers its a kind of opportunity to verify their skill and earn a badge for skill text. It will create trust for buyers to hire.
  6. I am facing same issue from last 6 months. Tried different things but didn’t find the proper solution.
  7. Hi, I am a level 2 seller and I have faced this issue several times. The best solution to this problem is to explain to the client what is included in the package chosen and how much it will cost. Use polite words like “Thanks for your order. Respected client the package you have chosen is for xxx work and you need xxx work. Therefor I request you to increase your budget to $x. I hope its OK for you. Please let me know if you need any clarification” I hope this helps. Cheers, Jeekay
  8. Hi, This is a great post for any one who wants to know about the type of buyers and how to deal with them but I have a question. If buyers comes and we refuse to work because of low price/budget it will reduce our conversion rate. So how much important is the conversion rate for a seller Account or it is just a %age?
  9. HI Berney, You can create you own portfolio on “Flickr”. One the big advantage is you can create collections or albums for different categories but you to save files in image format like Jpeg or png. Cheers, Jeekay
  10. Done. Hope it makes some change. lol
  11. HI, Deliver the agreed work again and if he is not responding the order will marked as completed automatically by Fiverr. If the buyer responds and asks to do another project in the same order. Contact to customer support and Explain each point in details with nice flow and respected words. They will help you.
  12. Hi, I am a level 2 seller eligible for TRS. I was facing the same issue from last six months. I tried different things, like lowering price, changing images, changing description but nothing happened but las 2 weeks are going well for me. what I did was that I created new gig offering same service but Narrowed the service to get clients that are looking for specific needs. I am not sure but may be it worked for me. cheers, Jeekay
  13. Hi, Just do the revisions until the client is satisfied. Communication is the key here. If the client is not satisfied He will leave bad review which is a big cost. if he cancel the order or you cancel it’s also a dangerous thing for the seller account. I prefer to complete the order even if I don’t get the review at all but if it can be canceled that is not bad choice to avoid a poor review.
  14. Hello, I am confused about my gigs, I am a level 2 seller and working from 3 years on Fiverr. I have 250 plus 5-star reviews. Even I was receiving a good amount of order last month and my gigs were in the search results but now My gigs are not appearing in the search results. if someone can suggest to me what is happening I will be very grateful. Links to my gigs: https://www.fiverr.com/jeekay4u/design-or-redesign-a-stunning-powerpoint-presentation https://www.fiverr.com/jeekay4u/design-explained-infographic-and-chart https://www.fiverr.com/jeekay4u/design-a-modern-flow-chart-or-organization-chart Thanks in advance.
  15. My total earning is 18.4$ but showing me 14.4$ in next level requirements after clicking on the withdrawal button. see image in the comment
  16. [Design App Icon Or Game Icon](http://Design App Icon Or Game Icon) If You are looking for stunning app icon or game icon designs then you are in the right place, I am here to help YOU to design any kind of icon.
  17. I have sent 100 offers and still order less, why I am not getting good response, Can any one please help me to get me out of this frustration
  18. https://www.fiverr.com/jeekay4u/replicate-your-logo-or-text-in-this-neon-style
  19. I think the idea of “filter gigs with video” will be a better option
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