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  1. Hello This is my new gig . https://www.fiverr.com/prabirakalata/change-or-remove-photo-background please give some feedback how to improve or any change need to attract buyer .
  2. Thanks for feedback I am trying to making new
  3. Hello If I create 5 gig . Can you create separate 5 video for every gig. Waiting for your replay.
  4. Best of luck . God bless you dear . I also new .
  5. Please check my gig and provide feedback about .I am new in fiverr waiting your suggestions. I want take my first order within a month. Waiting for you suggestions https://www.fiverr.com/prabirakalata/do-data-entry-typing-document-convert
  6. I am new in fiverr . Need your help to improve my gig. Find order .help help me
  7. Well Done . Increase Your earning day to day . Best Of luck
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