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  1. I am sorry about your this experience. I have faced same problem , I preferred to cancel the order instead of getting negative feedback because buyer has changed his mind without any reason. We can't do anything except just let them go and focus to our next project. Cancelation rate will be completed after sometime but Negative feedback will remain permanently on your profile. Don't get upset , It's a journey of good and bad experiences. Good Luck :)
  2. Hello @downvibe Sad to hear you are facing this. Please try to use the block feature from Desktop. I hope You will not receive any notification from a blocked person in the future. I think It’s not working properly from Mobile Application, I faced the same issue, and then Tried to used Desktop and It worked for me. Good Luck 🙂
  3. The same problem for me because I was Pending and now Promoting with no impression Same Problem Facing 😑
  4. Same case happened with my friend, She has completed all requirements that meets TRS but not selected for this BADGE. The reason she got behind this was ’ You must have earnings minimum $1000 or more within a month ', because she was not earning this much, that’s why she is not selected for TRS. I am not sure if this really matters , just sharing with you guys as my experience. Thank you
  5. Yes this is confusing , sometimes they affect our account and sometimes did not works. Yes 5 star is important but with cancellation of order, there is a chance that gigs go down. I am in a good position now, getting orders on daily basis, just trying to avoid deranking of gigs.
  6. Yes i have contacted them but did not get any response , Today I have again submitted a new ticket. 1 year ago i faced same issue, buyer placed an order mistakenly but did not submitted the requirements , he contacted to support and order was canceled from their end , my account was not affected at that time.
  7. Hi everyone It’s been more than a month but the client did not provide the complete requirements to start the order. I reminded him of the requirements on June 25, 2020. He replied after 5 days that he is still collecting information. He again provided the information on July 18, 2020, but the information was incomplete, I asked him to provide the information instantly, and he just vanished and came back July 22, 2020, and leave the message "PLEASE CANCEL THIS REQUEST. THANK YOU " I have contacted to support and submitted the Ticket regarding this issue 7 days ago and did not receive any response. and ticket is automatically made as resolved. I agree to cancel the order because it makes sense that he doesn’t need the design anymore. I am worried about if this order cancellation will affect my order completion ratio, Please give me the best solution, so my order completion ratio should not be affected. Note: 1- Order is not started yet, only placed an order without submitting the information. 2- I never canceled any order before this, i am level 2 seller. Thank you very much
  8. Let me share you my Experience 😇 1- Buyer Requests are Actually worked as a filtered category. 2- You should publish 7 Gigs, and set a gig with category “Other”. 3- I have noticed There is a specific time for each category fresh BR. 4- Try to be online atleast 8 hours a day. When I started selling, I just set a single gig with the category “Other” and I was able to see BR. Because sometimes buyers don’t know about the category type of their project so they select “Other”. 2nd thing I did, Completed the 7 gigs when I was 0 Level seller. Now I am Level 2 😇 But After promoting level 2, there are more than 2000 BR but all are useless,old :roll_eyes:
  9. yes you are absolutely right. Sellers should realize their worth. Thank you for such a great post on this forum.
  10. It’s been a month and I got only two orders, I am Level 2 Seller, I tried to change the keywords, tags, images, description prices but no results. I don’t know if this is okay to promote my gigs through Facebook page advertisement (paid campaigns). Please share your experience regarding this. Thank you so much
  11. I had a similar experience, the buyer completed the order but asked for revisions, again and again, I just told him that I would not be available here for some personal issues. he was agreed. And I just blocked him, After some days he just contacted the support and I received an email from the support that contact this buyer ASAP, he wants revisions. And I again unblocked him and did his revisions but after that, he was my permanent customer for the long term we enjoyed to work together 🙂
  12. we are sorry that you faced very bad experience . I also faced the similar issue . A buyer placed the order mistakenly but Fortunately he did not submitted the order requirements or started the order time. He contacted the Support and told them about his mistake, Support canceled the order on their behalf and my cancellation rate was not affected . So it is a good idea or you can say a solution, when a buyer placed the order mistakenly and asked you to cancel, just contact to support and ask them to cancel the order on their behalf, never accept the cancellation. Hope it will help you in the future :slight_smile Good Luck
  13. hello All I am a Level 2 Seller…! Is there any formula to calculate the overall rating and individual gig rating? I have 6 positive reviews with 5-star rating but 1 is negative and my current gig rating is 4.4, Can anyone help me to calculate that How many Orders I need to get 5 stars back on this gig? Or any other suggestions? Should I remove this gig? The overall rating is 4.9 now. Thank you so much
  14. Hello @dreamteamresume Sorry to hear this. I worked with a buyer. He got a large amount of work for a tiny amount after placing the order directly. Moreover, I just worked for him to avoid cancelation. After order completion, I just blocked him. Furthermore, he just contacted CS and them to inform me that he wants more work from me. That was not good when received email from CS that a client asking more work and I need to work with him 😦 I again started working with him, and then he becomes my regular client with right amount 😃 So there are multi types of people:) Another Experience…! I blocked a user from the phone. However, he was able to message me. Then I just prevented him from PC. the very peaceful moment was that 😃 He was unable to contact.
  15. Hello Please Help me my client is facing a problem in order placing. He tried three times and showed a screenshot. The order amount is deducted three times from his Account. But I am not getting any order. The error he is facing is “Unable to process” He contacted CS but he did not get any response from CS. what should I do? Thank you so much
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