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  1. Hello all. Can I add a google drive link in offer to buyer request? Is it against Fiverr’s TOS? It would be very helpful for me if anyone can answer. Thanks to all in advance.
  2. We can not sign in 2 different fiverr account on the same computer?
  3. Hello. your pending clearance does not infuence of your send offers to buyer request or not. I still dont understand what is your problems. Can you screenshot your computer screen?
  4. If you can not reply in time. your response time will be go down. Now you have to reply in time for every messages and your response rate will be go up again. and you can use mobile app then you can reply buyer in time.
  5. What you mean? why your response time is 22 hours
  6. If you reply client in time but your response rate is still 67%. You can contact Fiverr customer support. They can help you.
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