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  1. If you mean “fiverr logo watermark” by “images” then yes it will automatically disappear after you mark your order as a complete. No ma’am, literally he is sending me images of tees, and when I ask for designs and source files he asks to finish order and says after that he will submit it. This is not cool! and unprofessional.
  2. Really? But you have your own gigs, and one review. You created several topics asking for help related to selling. Like using content stolen from Google, as was mentioned here: I mean related to buying not selling and also I dont sell my gigs here as we have very little profit here, so I prefer other platforms.
  3. Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page for the rules as to how Fiverr works. Everything is explained there. I amde my profile here years ago, but never use this platform. Becuase many cons are here, and this is first time i used it and see what happened. As expected designer is giving me images in place of design and wants that I shall release the money.
  4. Seller first agreed for some work and then later on he is refusing to do the work and changing the terms by his own. Also he said to deliver the work in 4 days and after around 1 week still I do not have any updates. If I cancel the order will i get my money back?
  5. I got one order, its my first on fiverr. Pls let me know how can i deliver finished work to my buyer shall i just upload files via message tab or is there any other way.
  6. One buyer want me to work on his project but whenever I try to open his profile a blank page opens up, what shall I do? Is that buyer profile verified by fiverr? It can be noted that I applied on that buyers’ project which he posted. I dont want the situation where I do his work and then at payment time a mssg will pop up that buyer payment method is not verified so I cant get payment. It will be my first project if I accept this project. Looking forward for your suggestions.
  7. i made my account in 2012 but never used it i made my gigs just 5 days ago
  8. i asked on my friends behalf who want to join fiverr as buyer
  9. so it means that i wont get my money back if seller give me bad quality stuff
  10. if i hire some1 and order their gig but they are unable to do proper work then also i will have to pay them? or can i get my refund from fiverr?
  11. Today is my 4th day I am getting lots of hits on my profile but not getting any orders 😦need suggestions how can i promote my gigs among buyers on fiverr
  12. What is RISING TALENT? and how can I earn it? Its my 3rd day on this platform
  13. it is fr 2 days today is my 3rd day on fiverr… not 30 hahahaha This are 3rd day stats on fiverr, is that ok? or less than normal?
  14. Please find attached files and educate me what that all data means? And is mine ok? because I haven’t got any orders till now
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