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  1. I’m planning on moving to a new country soon and i was wondering if my location would change when I move and i verify my phonw with a that country phone number. Also can two people from different country login one fiverr account and manage ?
  2. hey guys, how do I change my location on fiverr. the country I no longer live in the country I opened the account. how do I change it to the one I currently stay
  3. Diversify your portfolio and create multiple gigs in the same category. This will get you more impressions and ultimately more clicks. Do like the pros and cast a wide net to catch more fish.
  4. Make sure you are happy with your order before accepting it else the seller might charge you for further editing
  5. I know someone who send a pdf attachment to his clients with his email and other contact info in there.
  6. The client was warned. His reaction was to send me a message with his phone number and then ask for a call, and additional services that he didn’t pay for… I’m not feeling it… Hmm. That one is a very sneaky one
  7. I would say something like. " Thanks for sharing your personal number but all communitions must be done within the fiverr platform as per their request in the Term and Services "
  8. You should try and contact customer support and show screenshot of your chat as proof.
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