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  1. I don't think so. I checked this already from another account and also checked this on incognito window. my gig is showing there but no badge is showing there
  2. (Buyer) ordered your Gig as “Fiverr’s Choice”. Deliver outstanding work to be “Fiverr’s Choice” again. but badge is not showing on the gig. yesterday I saw this message on an order page. but I'm not seeing any Fiverr’s Choice badge on my gig! My questions are below: Is my gig is selected for Fiverr’s Choice badge? if yes why it's not showing on my gig? is it will take time to show this on my gig? if yes then how many hours/days later?
  3. you can see it on Fiverr mobile app
  4. Congratulations. keep it up! Good luck
  5. You cannot see it on desktop. you can see it on mobile as well
  6. Create SEO friendly gigs with Eye catching images try to active all the time check buyer requests in every hour send proposal properly with including some important words from the buyer requirements if possible, ask them some questions about the services or about his/her requirements reply fast as soon as possible within few seconds not minutes. if buyer knocked you! do friendly communication and talk to them like an expert not like a beginner.
  7. I'm also. I just have a confusion in my mind that I want to clear. Thank you 🙂
  8. I just withdrawn an amount in the morning today from my balance. after few hours later, I saw that another amount was added to my main balance from the cleared funds which is $72.01 And then I tried to withdraw it again but unfortunately, I'm getting this message "Withdrawal was not completed. Please try again or contact Customer Support for more details." So, my questions are why this message is showing? is there has any rules that I can withdraw amount just once in a day? Can I withdraw it after 24 hours? Is anyone here have this kind of experience?
  9. Thank you so much for your great suggestions. but Fiverr Customer Support canceled the order today. 😢 really there is no justice for Fiverr seller.
  10. yes! you are right! this is my fault to accept this long time project! thanks for your suggestion.
  11. she gave me a huge list of members. and I added members from the list.
  12. Why would you do that please? If your buyer cancels, which they obviously want to, regardless of the reason, you’ve given her half the work for nothing. Why not deliver it all at the end of the project to avoid a situation just like this one? Yeah! I asked her to I will complete the order asap. but she just say, cancal the order
  13. the buyer gave me the order on 15th July. and the order countdown will finish on 7th August 2018. total a 23 days project. I have delivered more than half services to her. yesterday night our conversation is all okay and acceptable. suddenly, today morning she sends me an order cancellation request. I was totally shocked! what happened in just one night! I have declined the request. and later she sends me another cancellation request. this time I also decline the request. now she said that she will report to it to Fiverr and she did. she said, Fiverr is her side! is that right? is fiverr not give seller proper protection from this type of fraud buyer? now, what should I do? please give me a suggestion. I’m really disappointed with this type of experience in Fiverr.
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