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  1. Welcome to the Fiverr forum. try to active online more time you can lean more and you will be beatified. Nice to meet you & thank you 😍
  2. Don’t worry for this due or review. some buyer more time busy and will come back to you next or free time. all seller sometimes face this problem. carry on and continue hard working & develop your advanced skill. thank you so much.
  3. Your stated experience would be incorrect, because what other people have already told you IS how Fiverr works. Like catwriter said: There is no other “experience”. If is it right 10 days. Ok good. Sorry for mistake.
  4. thanks for good advice I say my real experience.
  5. Where are you form? You should maintain international time all time don’t show buyer reques.
  6. In 15 days buyer can review automatic complete order…if want buyer
  7. Flikr link fiverr allow anything wrong or missing copy link check anagin and send buyer
  8. You can ask your buyer again what was wrong or missing their project and say him/her you are ready modify their work if them need…
  9. You can firstly open your order page and see right corner resulation center click this and step by step work next
  10. Most welcome you should all time active fiverr forum to get best help. Thank you so much
  11. If you buyer don’t understand you…you should cencel this order otherwise buyer communicate fiverr and cencel this order. Firstly I say you if buyer send you order cencel offer you can decline this and very fast you can send him/her again cencel request so it will be mutual cancellation among. Ok
  12. First I want to know that did you complete project following buyer requirement and check again with try to understand buyer what you say also provide them modify or revision this delivery work…
  13. Welcome to join Fiverr Forum and you can follow @lloydsolutions comments
  14. Congratulations for Outstanding experience and good tips!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
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