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  1. Thank you for your suggestions, @fastcopywriter. 🙂 @devsunny1, I want to edit this post but it’s not possible. I didn’t proofread it twice. Hehe.
  2. Updates: I found out that pressing SAVE too often when editing gigs could make your gigs disappear.
  3. Can anyone explain me how to do this?? Just save the title first. Then press back. You’ll see a small font of: Use Seo Title - below the Title (on your left)
  4. You’re most welcome. That’s very nice of you. All the best.
  5. Hi, I hope this post will help you get a better Translation Service Communication - Inform translators your Word Count, Formatting, and Deadline. Set a realistic budget - Translation is not an easy task. We need to understand the text, translate, proofread, and localize the text. It’s not a single process step. Don’t check with Google Translate - Translation can ONLY be checked by translator. Never judge a translator with Google Translate. Some languages have less vocabulary and that could only be the suitable word for its context so some of the sentences could be almost similar to Google Translate. Set a realistic deadline - Don’t expect a well done job if it’s too urgent. Make payment first - Sorry but there are lots of scammers and we are humans too. Payment done will ensure peace of mind for both of us. Reply - Don’t forget to reply to any messages from translators so you’ll get better result. Sometimes the original text is full of errors.
  6. Hi Jonbaas, it means to keep on trying new things even when the societies think it’s foolish - that’s what I found out. Just like in the history - the Wright Brothers. Yes, I do agree that we should be reasonable too when trying new things but as always quotes are kinda exaggerated but I like it. ☀️
  7. Hi @deyems. There could be many reasons and it’s kinda hard to know… It’s good to know that Fiverr helps sellers so sometimes they rotate our gigs. Thus, other sellers could get sale too. Hi @kyrulaiman. Yes I got my gigs back after contacting customer supports. To get on the first page is hard if you’re in a competitive niche. However, try researching other best sellers’ gig tags. It could take up to one month to get your first sale if you do it correctly or more if you did something wrong or the niche is too competitive. All the best guys. Don’t forget there are many business opportunities besides Fiverr. Keep on learning. “Stay hungry, stay foolish.” 🙂
  8. I think it’s better to separate the tags. I’ve done a little experiment on this and separate tags worked better. Please let me know your result too. Thanks.
  9. Hi guys, It’s heartbreaking not to have any sales at all. Maybe it’s time to be more creative and to stop hoping. Do you know that Steve Jobs would take a walk to get inspiration. He didn’t sit in the office all day. I’m suggesting that we should try something different to get better result. Volunteering. Try to volunteer in the field related to your gig. You can add this experience to your Fiverr profile to create more trust. Food business. People eat food, every single day. Find something easy to make and worth your time. Dropshipping. If you don’t like to create product, try promoting famous product. You can try Alidropship. Offline business. Don’t limit your income in online business only. Some people are good at offline business. Maybe you’re one of them. Family first. Maybe some of your family members and friends need your service but you’ve never told them. Social media. Have you promoted your gig? Create new social media account if you’re shy like me. Challenge your gig. Have you done any research before creating a gig. Don’t be afraid to create a new gig if there’s no progress. Trust. Does your gig look suspicious? Don’t use sexy images, it’s not professional. Besides, buyers are looking for trust not lust. Pray a lot. There are things we can’t control, so let’s be humble and pray. It’s scientifically proven to keep you calm. Buyer request. Don’t forget to check them from time to time on Fiverr apps. Build your unique template in your Note apps so that you can send fast request. All the best guys. There are many alternatives. Just be open to changes and you’ll be fine.
  10. Selamat Pagi Sir. I’m a Malaysian but I studied in Indonesia. Nice to meet you.
  11. Read @woofy31 comment below. Sorry for the late reply.
  12. This is currently not allowed - CS told me (and others as well) that offering free stuff or bonus offers like that to lure in clients is forbidden. This could easily lead to account suspension. Thank you brother for reminding us. I will edit my gigs soon. 🙂
  13. You need to contact customer support. They solved this problem before.
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