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  1. The same thing is done by lots of buyer its frustrating. I mean you can just give a simple reply that you are busy or already hired someone.
  2. To be honest here, as a new seller you only had the option of what Fiverr is giving to you. yes, of course, depending on your title keyword images and all the tips they told you to follow. Even after doing all those you might not be in the ranking, get no order. Because you are no SEO expert, you are not a graphics designer you are not a professional writer and not a marketer either who can do an effective social media marketing to targeted clients and make some sales. I mean after doing everything if there is no sale then its almost like there will be no sale. but now everyone will have an option and a great one. seriously, that can help in making some sales
  3. i need plants lots of plants 😵
  4. Got a sale today form buyer requests 😇
  5. I am thinking of opening some new gigs i have some bunch of new ideas. Also i will try with the buyer request i see lot of them 😵 thank you for your kind time
  6. Well may be for now but if these goes up fiverr is gonna flood with new buyers and sellers tons of them.As for now the ones went to office and ordered in fiverr are not getting the time to do that.but soon they are going to find an alternative and try to do everything from home.and those who have actual employees are also going to look for doing their project online and the office employees are also gonna look for a alternative way to income. This is just some prediction based on whats going around everywhere.
  7. That’s what I did but I think that they didn’t ask me to remove them because they said: “please ADD an extra charges…”. Good news! They have just accepted the modification 😄 Ah great to know that .
  8. So its been a while i am in fiverr and i know how everything works in average,the thing is i have never been very active and for months i have no order completed and now that i am trying to get back to it full time i don’t see much traffic in my gig by traffic i mean impression,views,clicks.its natural that for not being active fiverr took away the traffic But now that i want to get back how can i give it a jump start?Any help will be very appreciated 😇
  9. i know this is no help but you should calm down take a break for today and start fresh tomorrow. it happens lot of time that i was trying to solve a problem whole night but couldn’t, then got a sleep wake up with a calm mind when find the problem in seconds and thought to my self…this was it? Next what you can do is that you already know see some of your competitors and get a clear idea
  10. probably most of them are fraud they just want you to click the link as @imagination7413 mentioned but some of them without the ridiculous amount of money can be real buyers too . so upon visiting the link if you see its a spam though it is hard to tell because i saw some of them are posting like “i need these wordpress theme and plugin mendatory for my project” so logically you cant say they are spamming but what you can do is report them to fiverr explaining what they are doing and fiverr will take care of it in their own way 😉
  11. Its just awesome 😻 94065401_659997814576935_2405879184153903104_n1440×1080 147 KB
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