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  1. Today I found my gig in 1st page again. Thanks fiverr. Thanks every body
  2. I have more then 200 best review and have more then 10 return buyers ( until getting order from them). Are all the seller better then me? ( there are so many seller have no review)
  3. After same problem I have finished 3 order with 5* review But until my gig in last page. I am leveled seller. Thanks
  4. Is there any reason for 2 months? Because I am facing same problem. Thanks
  5. Same thing with me. Though I am leveled seller.
  6. I have more then 200 review and from 10 days my best gig on last page.
  7. How can be always active in fiverr> Do you use any softwire?
  8. Thanks my friends. I have been working here for 2 years. but this kind of bug seen first time.
  9. Notification from where? There is no option for continue
  10. Order has completed. There is no option for send revision. Following message is showing, “is waiting for an update from you for 3 hours.” Can any friends please explain why this message with an completed order? Time countdown is running, now 4 hours. How
  11. Hi same thing is going to happend with me I need advice
  12. Best sussesion, I don’t use social media but everyday I am getting order.
  13. No, If there are no issue buyer can not do,
  14. As my experience, should not do any free work or example file.
  15. Very enjoyable ( yesterday - today- tomorrow). Hope to get order soon. Thanks
  16. Thanks for post, I will be helpful for every seller.
  17. Really a hopeful post. After lost my job I was very disappointed. But In fiverr I found my life again. In December I have finished 11 orders . Thanks to everybody.
  18. I have been working here for 3 years. Now I have some permanent buyers. I always try to give them best service also everyday I try to increase my skill. This is my simple way. Thanks
  19. Good, Your problem has been solved. Can you explain your experience of the process for solve. Thanks
  20. There is one message from fiverr ''We’re aware you might be experiencing issues on Fiverr, caused by one of our service providers. We’re working hard to solve these issues and apologize for the inconvenience." I hope fiverr will solve it ASAP. Thanks
  21. As my experience this way can useful sometime
  22. But not a Gig which already get few orders, right? As my experience- I have more then 50 reviews in one gig, day before yesterday I found it was in 3rd page. Then I change now it is on 2nd page. I am not sure about gig ranking. Thanks for comment
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