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  1. Hi afikul_Islam, have patience. Check the buyer requests section, send requests daily and i hope you will get your first order soon. Do search and check the tips and tricks for new sellers thread posted in this forum. Good luck!
  2. You can also add a pdf in your GIG with detailed services description along with your previous work in GIG gallery section.
  3. I have never been through this, this is definitely unfair.
  4. If your gig always require an attach file from the buyer, you can edit the requirements section and change the answer type “Free Text” to “Attach File”. This might help and the buyer cannot start the order just by typing some text.
  5. Hi, @steve_maxell Once you you finish rating your experience about the completed order, you will see the “The buyer left a * star review” notification.
  6. Hi @rakibull0 ! have patience. Check buyer requests regularly and send requests. Good Luck!
  7. So in this case, if i don’t leave a review back, it will completely be gone after 10 days?
  8. Was this from before Fiverr made the new “no review modifications allowed” ruling about a month or so ago? It happened about a month ago.
  9. One of my buyer did this by mistake and i asked them to change and they approved.
  10. Do check the buyer requests section and send your best offer to the buyers to get your first order quickly.
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