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  1. @rehanag welcome to fiverr forum! Good luck.
  2. You can upload on google drive/dropbox and share the links.
  3. Thank you @david388! Very informative and interesting advice.
  4. Yeah, i got a reply. They are still looking into this issue.
  5. I am having the same issue. The order was placed 2 days ago. I got a notification about the order and i could see that there are attached files from my android device, i saw only one file out of three and then i opened the order page on my computer to get the other two, nothing is there!. As per buyer’s message they did sent the files. I asked the buyer to resend the files, the buyer is not active. I asked the customer support, i also told them the deadline is 2 days. They said there were no files attached, also sent me a screenshot explaining that the buyer left nothing. But when i sent the android screenshot where the attach file is clearly seen, they admitted that the buyer did attached the files. They said they’ve moved the ticket to their tech team and till now after about 24 hours, nothing from the technical team nor from CS. I just sent a dispute request to the buyer.
  6. So if the buyer leave a 1 star and write something like “Not how i expected, not recommend” it will not be removed.
  7. The support team no longer remove the bad reviews unless the review itself is against TOS.
  8. Take screenshots of that part and involve the CS team. List the buyer requirements and what you did, prove it that you have completed their requirements. This is all you can do. But i don’t know how much the CS team would like to help, i had a same issue, i involved the CS team, i was told to do a mutual agreement, which literally lead to a cancelled order.
  9. Fiverr Levels and you will have to wait for the next evaluation to get the badge.
  10. @kimiboro09 welcome to fiverr! Good luck.
  11. @nsakib17 complete more orders and it will increase. @blackfoxcoder nicely explained.
  12. You can connect your DBBL account with payoneer and transfer directly to your account from payoneer.
  13. You have just joined this month as per your profile. Getting the first order is not that easy. Do search for trips and tricks, check the buyer requests section, send requests and also you will find a lot of help post here, read and try to follow them and have patience. Success doesn’t come overnight. Good luck!
  14. It depending on the buyer. They choose the best and suitable offer and also if you see there’s already 20 offers sent from other sellers, you will probably not going to get response and again it’s totally up to the buyer. Try to send the offer earlier and be the one in front of the queue.
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