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  1. @webapubarua clicks are most important. Hi @wpleader19 welcome to the community.
  2. Hi Sujon, welcome to the community.
  3. It determined by your last 60 days completed/cancelled orders. You may have cancelled order within this period and not completing new orders. If you do not complete new orders, it will go down till the cancelled order(s) go past 60 days period. Once it does the rate will again jump back to 100%.
  4. H @srinvasan welcome to fiverr forum.
  5. Hi @mtwork welcome to fiverr forum.
  6. Say you have completed eleven orders, Ten with five star and one with 2 star review. The calculation should be (5x10)+2=52 and 52/11=4.7. Please correct me if i am wrong.
  7. Hi @mahfuzsaim9 stop there and do not send anymore messages. Create a custom offer and send it to him and mention that you are willing to do the job and he has to place the order first to get it done and wait. If he’s really a buyer, he’ll accept.
  8. Welcome back to fiverr @shereali_cse and good luck!
  9. @humanissocial very well said. There are a few buyers who intend to get the work done even for free!
  10. @digital_fusion congrats! reach level two soon!
  11. @rehanag welcome to fiverr forum! Good luck.
  12. You can upload on google drive/dropbox and share the links.
  13. Thank you @david388! Very informative and interesting advice.
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