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  1. Hi,

    I hope everyone is safe. I received an order on April 30, the buyer directly placed the order and we didn’t have any conversation in inbox. When i checked the requirements, i found a few problems and i needed to discuss it. When i tried to reply, the page kept reloading and i couldn’t send the reply, then i waited a few hours, tried again with different browser, incognito mode etc but no results.

    I opened a request on customer support and was waiting for their reply, i had to deliver the project within 3 days so i fixed those problems and started working on the project. I received a reply from CS after about 2 days and i gave them some screen shot and they opened a “technical ticket” for Fiverr Tech support and then i waited again. I completed my work within time but when i tried the deliver the project, the order page kept reloading. The delivery time went over and the order marked as late. Then i asked again if there’s any way i can contact the buyer in inbox as.

    Fvr757×541 50.6 KB

    And i think the support agent missed the whole point! or i failed to make them understand. Tough later the buyer contacted me and i made him understand the problem. On the next day i tried delivering the project again and it was delivered! I let the CS know that i could deliver the project and they replied as below.

    Fvr2862×444 33.2 KB

    Then the buyer ask for a revision and the order was completed, i let them know that my analytics went down, please fix this and i kept waiting.

    All of a sudden on the 11th day of my request, i got this

    Fvr3792×417 29.2 KB

    and i am waiting again!

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