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  1. you can ask the seller to send you a copy with copyright infringement if he did so you can report him by the support or uk federal copyright low to charge a fee in return of investment mailed to you from the designer
  2. how many of you guys open fiverr just to open it 😛 hhh ?
  3. it still hurt my business on fiverr any way i know this is a comment issue on fiverr but at least i can prevent bad experience from happening
  4. oh thank you very match what is your suggestion to put that in a correct way ?
  5. yes i do pro logo design and there is no jock about that ! people still can choose less ‘‘pricy’’ variation if they want to go with ''fastfood-- logo design 😛
  6. i just made tweaks on my gig and would really really… appreciate you to take 1 minute and kritik . i hope it looks good 😛 https://www.fiverr.com/jmaxsportmascot/design-a-stunning-team-logo-design-or-esports-mascot
  7. i hope fiverr will add video live chatting ! 😛
  8. i hope you guys doing well ! i’m very inspired by pro sellers and my self considering to be one but i’m not interested in the badge it self ! what is the value that you guys are adding to the platform ?
  9. probably working on my grandpa old firm with many others for a salary … what about you ?
  10. hi , ive got few messages people keep asking if we can connect rough s***e so my question : is s***e okay and if not wish platform are okay beside basic social twitter and facebook ?
  11. how many of you goes going through same experience ? some times i have 20 request and after that seller posts still show even i surpassed limit and then some day they just go all away if i’m messing the right timing to apply pls let me know ! whats the point of having 10 bids and no posts are showing ?
  12. i appropriate your time for long answer, i have sheared my proposal experience with buyer request so fare and i hope you have the same issues with that if you can pls tell what is your success aspect ratio on getting jobs from BR will be hilly appreciate it … i will review all my gig description soon and check the misspellings and grammatical errors 😛
  13. i send all request daily from 2 mouths now abut 0 results : clients keep searching for low bids first all 5 dollars seller get a chance for more negotiations otherwise is not the best place to find ideal costumersclients don’t review portfolios just cheeking wish bid is ready to offer the moon with ridicules amounts of requirements for $5clients tend not to respond to any question asked - is not about solving there need is more about free service providersclient don’t just copy pacing requirement form a third-party costumer they just collect indeterminate founds so the more profitable witch means top sophisticated 3d render design for 5 bucks \client don’t even understand there requirement they take days to ask there client and you can only hope if they respond !
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