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  1. Politely say to your buyer that giving your email violates Fiverr’s TOS. Well thanks for the advice. I have worked hard on fiverr and I don’t want to ruin in just for one order. Let’s see. I’ll try to convince him. Thank you!
  2. It sounds like he wants to work with you outside of Fiverr. If you accept to do it, you’ll get your account banned. Okay one final. If you were in my place what would you have done?
  3. They have, if it’s necessary for the work to be done. In your case, it’s not necessary; buyer thinking about “getting to know you better” or wishing to marry you or whatever doesn’t make it necessary to exchange email addresses in order to proceed with the work. Actually he wants to create a career for me. That’s what he is saying.
  4. That’s not reason enough to break the ToS. 😉 Fiverr is not a dating or penpal site. You are right actually. So what should I do. Should I contact Cs? Have they in history ever allowed sellers to share their email with buyers?
  5. Actually this person has given me Hugh orders. He really liked my work and wants to know me more. That’s why he’s asking my email.
  6. My buyer is asking for my email. I know its against the tos. But this order cannot move forward without this. Should I contact the customer care regarding this? Will they help me?
  7. We have discussed so many times in fiverr about sharing our personal info. But I have never got any warning. Does it show that I’m not doing anything wrong?
  8. See our work is much more than some normal work on fiverr. It’s about some work. It will take me months to do it. Hence, we have to contact each other outside fiverr. It’s an official work. It will be a big break for me.
  9. So that means you have contacted your clients outside fiverr??
  10. You don’t get me question. If we contact each other outside, we are not using the info that I have use to register for the fiverr account. So how is it external link violation?
  11. It is against Fiverr’s Terms of Service to share personal information, or contact outside of Fiverr. How often do you need to be told NOT to do this? So when he receives my letter and contact me outside fiverr, it will be an external link violation right?
  12. We just met on fiverr and he told me to order his book just to get his address.
  13. I have already answered this question the last time you asked it. Okay let me clarify my doubt. I am working for an American writer. We need each others personal info to get going. I have his book with me and the book has his address. I have sent a letter to his address. He will receive it and contact me outside fiverr. Hence, this whole process has no connection with fiverr. The info I have written in the letter does not match my personal fiverr info such as my registered no. Or mail. Both are different.
  14. Do you really want to test that question, and have Fiverr warn or delete your account for breaking their clearly-listed rules? Fiverr’s rules say no, so don’t do it. So if I share my personal details outside fiverr and then contact him outside, will they come to know about it?
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