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  1. According to the ToS you can’t force your buyer to accept the delivery. Hoe many revisions you have provided?
  2. This is for the future deliveries because It’s not possible to deliver the already completed orders.
  3. In my opinion, you can send a screenshot of the website that you have worked on as a deliverable file.
  4. Hi, you can also use archive method. ZIP these 400 files into 1 compressed archive file.
  5. You can create your wife’s gig on your profile. Don’t create new account because 2 accounts from same IP is against the rules of the fiverr.
  6. Hey, welcome to Fiverr. Have a great day!
  7. You can’t cut the price of the order, the only best way is to extend the delivery time of the order as the buyer is saying in the screenshot.
  8. Is this your dream office? :thinking:
  9. image1242×1529 388 KB Here is mine 😉
  10. Try to clean cache files of your browser and then edit your gig. Maybe this will help.
  11. What do you mean by “any possible channel”? If you have contacted your buyer outside of the platform then you violated the terms. It is strictly mentioned in the terms to not to contact your buyers outside of the platform.
  12. Yes, it will affect your next evaluation because you need to maintain your order completion rate of minimum 90%.
  13. You can try to open a new ticket and tell them about this issue. Maybe there will be some bug or technical error.
  14. Please contact fiverr customer support. Only they can help to resolve this issue.
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