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  1. They don’t want the names of competing websites being used on gigs/profiles or the forum - understandable really! 🙂 @offlinehelpers
  2. Move them back into whichever category they were in before? 😉 BTW - I’d remove the name of the other freelancing website from your profile if I were you. ☀️ is it against fiverr terms and condition? @offlinehelpers
  3. @offlinehelpers please reply if you know about it 😦
  4. Few Weeks ago I changed my Sub-category because I could not get enough buyer request.After changing Sub-category i have got enough buyer request related to my working field. After 1 week I have noticed My views are increasing because of marketing, on the other hand, my impression, social click and clicks are decreasing day by day as well as before changing subcategory my gig was ranking on 2nd or 3rd page but now my gigs have vanished. I am Hopeless Need Expert help 😦
  5. I have also faced the same problem
  6. I faced the same problem I have 6 gig ,didnot rank a single gig , I feel so helpless
  7. Clicks are only registered on Fiverr when someone clicks on your gig from either the search results, or your gig’s category page. There is no other way to gain a click. If you had only one click, then that means only one person clicked on your gig image from the search results. If you had 241 views, 1 of those views would have been the person who clicked on your gig from the on-Fiverr search results (because a click is also a view). The remaining 240 views came from elsewhere – in this case, most likely from your social media marketing. So, congrats, you brought in 240 views from social media (although, that doesn’t mean that 240 individual people visited your gig from the social media links, it just means that your gig was loaded 240 times, as a result of that traffic). Now, the best mark of success is… how many orders did you gain today (as a result of that social media traffic)? I have also faced the same problem i have a huge view from social media but low click as well as i have no order 😦 I feel so helpless now … Working very hard for this social media traffic but still didnot get single order 😦
  8. Thanks for your suggestion ! Its help me a lot
  9. This is not possible I faced the same problem before ,then i deactivate my account and open another one
  10. hard work is the one and only possible way to earn 10k+ per month
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