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  1. Hello, I wouldn’t know if the will accept it or not, I think it’s best to reach out to payoneer support.
  2. If you add your account number directly to your Payoneer account (not through Fiverr), you will be paid in naira and in a day.
  3. The money ought to be sent directly to your bank account. BTW, did you link your bank account to your payoneer and fiverr as your funding source? You can withdraw to your bank account from payoneer at this point, I doubt it will be sent unless you initiate the transaction.
  4. From revenues page, you will see 3 buttons, Paypal Account, Bank Deposit and Fiverr Revenue Card. Clicking on either ‘Bank Deposit’ or ‘Fiverr Revenue Card’ button takes you to a page where you link your payoneer account (you can create or link an existing payoneer account) After that, clicking the ‘Bank Deposit’ button sends the money to your bank account directly through payoneer, while ‘Fiverr Revenue Card’ sends it to your payoneer account. I haven’t experienced any issue withdrawing either to my bank account or payoneer card. Check payoneer’s website for their charges on each withdrawal method.
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