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  1. I complete 8 orders but those are not regularly. If one order comes then next one comes after 14-16 days latter. What is problem in my gig or my account? Please help me to say about my account where need to recover.
  2. I have a YouTube account where i put video related about my skill. So if i wants to put my youtube link in my gig description have any problem ?
  3. Thanks again my friend @susandesigns247
  4. Thanks for the valuable advice. @davidstrongvo
  5. @susandesigns247 but friend my last order i finished 29 days ago is it affecting to get my new order ?
  6. Thanks friend @susandesigns247 you are great
  7. can’t understand what you say?😭 @somaginer1996
  8. My last order i finished 29 days ago. And i think these is affecting my account for getting new order. @sjorscrusius is it ?
  9. I could not work in my Fiverr account for the past one month, so I wanted to open a new account and wants to start from beginning once again. My question Is: On the same ip & same pc if i closed my previous account then open a new one have any problem ??
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