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  1. I want to change my old computer and if I log-in with a new computer, is it harmful to my account. Please help with your answer.
  2. Such topic frequently arrive that buyer has placed order by mistake. How funny… Actually I don’t believe that an order can be create by mistake. 1.Because it is not a one click process. 2. Also need money for place an order. People think multiple time for any spent. Important question : How much order value ? Absolutely $5. because I have checked your gig. Basic price is $5. ( Because such mistaken buyer never buy suppose $500 gig by mistake) Anyway, You may request to the buyer for not cancel order. $5 is not a big amount. You will help them anytime for small work for this $5. Agree with your opinion!
  3. you will received the amount 14days later… the amount is now in pending balance.
  4. I have a suggestion for you ! use this regulations center to extend the time before you deliver . Convince you client … image|312x352
  5. I am sure your first order you completed … it was more than 60days ago… check the Analytics
  6. i hope you completed less then 10 order in the last 60 days…
  7. if you complete total 9 order on time and late 1 order then it will show you 90% … N.A: it calculate only last 60days result .
  8. it depends your total last 60 days total work … rate = total works *100 / on time delivery completed orders (last 60days)
  9. I faced this type of situation … but 5 june , 2020 I increase my price … The order and message become 2x now and also I can’t lose my gig ranking… It was irritating when you work on a low budget . But when it is big budget order it is okay and you feel well also . … 5$ * 100 orders = 500$ 25$ * 20 orders = 500$ INCREASE GIG PRICE ! MUCH HELPFUL!
  10. I am Level 2 seller. But I am so worried to lose my gig rank, that’s why I didn’t increase my gig price before. But It’s very frustrating to handle lower budget buyers… That’s why I increase my price. can I lose my gig ranking?
  11. yes… I hope they work on their search algorithm … That’s why we face this problem. 😦 My gig also lost the rank …
  12. Same here … I also start learning ReactJS on this Fiverr maintenance time 😛 Enjoy !!!
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