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  1. why it is considered as spam if i am paying for running ads on quora to promote my gig?
  2. I want to use Quora ads for promoting gig. is this allowed? has anyone used it before and got any success?
  3. Hey @janali and @urdeke Please don’t fight guys, this is not the fighting ring, this is forum :rofl:
  4. but I am getting few sales and that’s why I have fear of loosing it
  5. but why? I am using the fiverr platform to process the order so that they can get their 20% cut
  6. I want to send the paid AdWord traffic to my gig page to get sales? is this allowed? anyone here who tried this and got any sucess?
  7. I want to update my pricing but I have fear of losing my gig ranking. Please help.
  8. Nothing will happen, she can request more than 20 revisions. So is she asking for a refund or is she sending you a revision request? She is asking for refund but she sends revision with message No whenever I send delivery so that order will not get automatically complete
  9. I got a Client of $75 so i sent her a Custom offer with 20 Revisions. But She is unresponsive in starting and this make me to deliver little late but within the order time but now she is asking for refund. I worked for more than 6 hrs to complete her Job and I am feeling Bad now. But I am not going to give her refund as I worked hard. this is why I keep sending the delivery and she keep rejecting it and sending for revisions I want to know what happened after 20 revisions finished?
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