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  1. I have contact fiverr customer support and this is the part of the answer I have got :
  2. If we know exactly how fiverr search algorithm work, then we can write our title, description and tags according to that. But still no one knows how does it work ??!! 😥
  3. Because of New Fiverr Search Algorithm my Gigs Impressions and Views continuously falling down !! My Gig was there in fiverr search result in top 8 gigs in first page for the keyword “keyword traffic” and “keyword targeted traffic” and “google keyword traffic” for the last 6 months. my average earning was 600 to 1000$ per month but now I am seeing impressions and views of my gigs are continuously falling down day by day. I am having only less than 10 views and 100 impressions a day. I had 1000 to 3000 impressions and avg 200+ views and 100+ clicks earlier !! Still I have Response Rate 95% Orders Completed 98% Delivered on Time 93% and Positive feedback 99% I want to find the reason why is this happening and want to know how new fiverr search algorithm work ??
  4. Thank You very much for your advice. cheers 🙂
  5. Hi… can anyone Explain exactly how fiverr search engine works? Exactly what is TAGS? for an Example lets say we start a gig for the TRAFFIC and we add heading as “Google Organic Keyword Targeted TRAFFIC” so when someone search in fiverr search engine just a word “TRAFFIC” and it appears in rank 100. and if someone search “Keyword Targeted TRAFFIC” the ranking getting worse… such like 200+ in reality it should be more filtered and rank should come higher… and even if some one search like this “Google Organic Keyword Targeted TRAFFIC” it should be more filtered. but according to my analyse when we increase number of keywords in fiverr search, the ranking getting worse !! so i want to know exactly how fiverr search engine works? hope its not working like google search engine !
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