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  1. It’s not working for me either, Fiverr seller here for 4 years. First time this is happening. We really need it for our administration purposes. Please look into it urgently!
  2. You don’t have to be concern with the actual problem, try account issues or gig issues something like that
  3. This happens time to time, but end of the day, this is potential income you can make. Ask yourself is it related to what you do? If so, are you able to be resources and complete this to the buyer’s requirements? Is the answer is yes, I will take it up. However if you can’t be confident you can deliver quality work, then tell buyer you don’t do that and refer him/her to someone else.
  4. Just out of curiosity, has anyone made actual consistent passive income from Fiverr’s affiliate program? If so what are the ways you do it? I am testing it out and don’t see a lot of success stories out there.
  5. Happened to me before, try contacting support for this and they can manually activate.
  6. Add a portfolio Don’t appear so needy. Don’t use words like “please message me”. Be more professional Improve your copywriting.
  7. Sounds like buyer wants everything his way and is not willing to work in partnership. In such cases said mentioned above get customer support to cancel for you because if you continue down this path, it will just lead to more difficult situations and be a big waste of your time. For every buyer lost there’s 10 more new ones! Don’t fear losing just one buyer!
  8. Double check again if your rating is at least 4.7. Good luck
  9. there will always be one bad apple out of a hundred. Cancel order, move on and focus on bigger and better buyers. Hope you come out of this stronger!
  10. So is there a concrete answer to whether or not answering spam does affect response rate?
  11. Branch out to similar gigs that perhaps solve a similar problem from another angle. Check out my profile as an example 😉
  12. Hey my friend, you have to understand that sometimes buyers just don’t wish it leave a review. It’s just personal reasons. And it will start to become impolite if you keep on bothering. Even for me I’m only around 70% rated orders with 600+ completed orders. You have to understand it is part of the game. Don’t force it. Move on.
  13. I can’t ascertain for sure but I do see more orders as level 2. Now back in level 1 seems lesser orders LOL, but then again I can’t confirmed if higher level = more sales. Sometimes I see level 2 having more orders than top rated orders.
  14. Best of luck in your Fiverr journey. 😉
  15. Be sure to offer high quality gigs and service. Best of luck.
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