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  1. yes i see your profile but why my gig is not shown in search pages
  2. Hello EveryOne My gig impressions are more than 600 and also the categories i select are correct but still it is not shown in the search pages. please anyone here can check my gig and inform me that where is the problem in this gig. i am attaching link of my gig https://www.fiverr.com/murtaza1994/make-3d-video-animation thank you
  3. Hello EveryOne please guide me I have a payoneer card and using that card for last one year and i attached it with fiverr. now i have an issue with that payoneer card and i remove it with fiverr. now i am using another payoneer card so how can i add the second payoneer card as i remove the first one thank you
  4. thank you so much for your kind words
  5. Hello I am so happy as i complete the requirements for level 1 I completed all the requirements for level 1 so now i should wait for the next evaluation or i will be automatic lebel is level Thank you
  6. Hello every one please inform me is this possible when the order is completed automatically and the buyer give feedback after the order is completed automatically THANK YOU
  7. Hello Every one and how are you ? I completed 9 orders and today i was hired for the 10th order due to which i will promoted to level 1 but unfortunately the client says that my i postponed my project and i dont need the 3d model and renderin now so we cancel the order by matual decision and my order completion level down to 75 percent. Now i will be waiting for more orders so increase my order completion rate to promote to level 1 Thank you
  8. Hello Everyone Please I need help One of the buyer send me the offer on my 3d max gig but He only needs 2d planning He by mistake send the offer on 3d max gig instead of 2d planning gig Now I deliver the order but here its shows 2d plan so can i change the picture or hide the picture from there as all of my gig pictures are high quality render pictures Please guide me about it Here is the link of my gig so you can check it https://www.fiverr.com/murtaza1994/design-your-house-in-3d-max THANK YOU
  9. Thank you for your time Its really help me Thank you so much as my problem is solved 🙂
  10. What? You didn’t even talk about the part where the seller has to go to the resolution center in order to request for an extension of the deadline. 😛 @murtaza1994 You need to go to the order page and then to the blue button on the top right-hand side which says “Visit the Resolution Center”. There, you can request for an extension of the deadline by selecting the option that says “Extend the delivery time”. If the buyer selected the wrong gig package (for example, the basic package instead of the standard package), you can also add the difference in price between the 2 gigs to the order by going to the option that says “Modify the order”. You can then select the option for adding an extra to the order where you can select the amount by which you want to increase the current price of the order (which is nothing but the difference in price between the correct gig and the gig that the customer ordered). Good luck! ☀️ Thank you for your precious time ok i am following this
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