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  1. Hi Raghav, as i see you have the order on your scraping comments from YouTube videos gig? Please correct me if i am wrong. Now first of all try to understand the situation of the buyer, were you clear what they wanted or were expecting? If yes and you have delivered exactly what they wanted and what your gig describes than just communicate with them and ask about the issues in it. Don’t be angry or sound frustrated when communicating with a client. I used to do it in past and because of which i had a lot of bad experiences with clients. It took me 2 years to realise i was wrong. You see as a service provider you have to always give priority to the client/customer/buyer. No one is trying to fool you, if a client does not like your work they’ll be angry if they like it they’ll be happy that’s the simple maths that took me 2 years to realise. So a solution for your problem is first of all please correct the mindset regarding buyer trying to fool you. It’s all a matter of expectations. They paid you for a service and it was not what they were expecting. So what you need to do is try to understand their expectations and provide an end product that they want. You can reply like this ‘Hi, I am so so sorry for the inconvenience, I understand that the initial delivery might not have been what you were expecting, please do not worry. I am here to make it work. Please let me know what shortcomings you could see in the delivery or if you feel I misunderstood anything please correct me. It is my utmost effort that you end up happy when you complete this order and you have a smile on your face so please do not hesitate to let me know what you want and i shall do it for you. ‘ So the trick here is, be nice and flexible. If you feel that they are making unjust demands and requesting something that is not covered in your gig you can let them know and ask them to upgrade the order nicely but a buyer sending a message like are you fooling me is not the kind of buyer to be sent a request for more money. Be nice and communicate with them and try to find out what’s wrong. And i say again don’t worry no one can fool you, if you are not happy with the buyer just cancel the order because that’s the option you always have. Best of luck and i hope this helps
  2. Hi i made a post explaining this in a little bit of detail please go through that i hope it will answer your question, but if you have any question after reading that please let me know thanksHow to rank your gig better on a keyword - Tips to improve Gig SEO There are certain other posts on the same topic in the tips for seller section please go through them. I hope this would be helpful for you.
  3. I think you mean as an agency? No you can not register as an agency on fiverr as of now but there’s an option to select sellers to open a studio. The studio leader can invite other sellers to join their studio but you can not sign up as a studio as it is a sort of a privilege to select sellers only and not everyone. Hope it answers your question.
  4. I haven’t seen this SEO title option ever before this, is this a special beta feature for some sellers?? Not sure about this. I need to research this in order to answer your question as i am not pretty sure what this is.
  5. I am not pretty sure how it is showing this badge, In the past my customer service was not that good and professional, i was a beginner and did a lot of mistakes then i took a time off of fiverr worked on my communication skills and my overall design skills and i have been improving my service and the communication and the overall experience for the buyers. Since then i have a few loyal customers(just a handful) that keep coming back whenever they require a similar service. I think the trick is communication and your end product. Keep working hard to improve both of them and they’ll most certainly return. I still am working really hard on improving both of them. You can watch Chris Do on youtube, listen to his clubhouse recordings and you’ll learn a lot about service before selling. His words have made me a better seller and a better communicator. I hope it helps
  6. Try sharing your gig link in order to analyse is better. I think you can add a link to your gig in this section of the forum. Please listen to experts on youtube and read fiverr tips for sellers on fiverr forum. You’ll find a lot of guidance. If you are not seeing many clicks to your gig change your main image, if you are not seeing too many impressions change the search tags, target less competitive ones. If you are not seeing any contact even after many clicks add a call to acton in your gig description. If you are not getting any orders even after many clicks review your gig description and re write it. Thanks i hope it was helpful
  7. One more thing, the search tags or the keywords. They need to be changed. Let me explain. These tags aid in your Gig SEO, so for example if you place ‘original’ in there as a search tag you wont find much targeted traffic to your gig that are interested in buying your service, any one searching for the word original would find your gig, even if they wanted to search original gaming art e.g. now the same principle applies here as i explained above. Use those tags that you feel would aid your potential buyers to find you easily. Make them a combination of long tail(3 words) medium and short tail ones. Try to target less competitive keywords/search tags. I hope it was helpful for you. If you have any question please feel to reply to this comment.
  8. Hi, Excellent gig a few points i must say. The title needs to contain a few long tail keywords as well, meaning imagine your service then imagine what will your potential buyer search to find your gig. A tip is to make a search for your main keyword and check the suggestions provided by fiverr. Secondly search youe category and see the titles of your competitors. Get some inspiration from them.The description is a bit on the shorter side. I would encourage you to add a little bit more to it. I made a post about writing descriptions you can have a look at them or search description in the tips for sellers section in the fiverr forum and you will find a lot of posts there.Add some more FAQs think of them as a method of clarifying common doubts that might come in minds of your potential buyers. And address them. I hope these help
  9. As long as you are not getting any orders and your impressions are not going up constantly feel free to make any changes to experiment new strategies but don’t do too many frequent changes because each time you change your gig it resets your gig ranking(doesn’t really cancels the negative scores due to any violations) but it resets the other variables. So be sure to make all the changes once and then keep an eye on the impressions and clicks for a minimum of two weeks time period. If they are going up let them be if not then experiment again with your gig. Hope this helps
  10. Okay i viewed your gigs through google searching your name, and have seen your gigs. I am going to be very blunt here because that’s what we need to hear sometimes so apologies if my wordings sound a bit harsh. The number one concern you need to improve your gig images. They are just not captivating enough for clicks. If you are not getting any orders you can utilise this time to improve your skills. You need to learn basics of graphic design and layout and composition to improve your skills because being a graphic designer the flyer gig images and logo design gig images were just not convincing me to click them. So my biggest advice is to use better mockups( i am not allowed to use links here if i could i would have shared the ones i use) Listen to different experts on youtube on how to improve your gigs and see other successful sellers in your categories for inspiration on how a gig should be (but don’t copy them). I haven’t gone through your description because i feel your gig images are a bigger issue to solve first. Hope it helps.
  11. It’s not sad, that’s called gig rotation. I have almost a thousand orders completed. And i am a level 2 seller but i am currently not ranking on any keyword because I wasn’t getting any time from work to come on fiverr and spend time here. I did started to get ranked for a brief period of time when i was active a few days back but as soon as i have stopped coming on fiverr and stopped promoting my gigs on social media i have stopped ranking. So cutting it short it doesn’t matter how many orders you have. It matters how much business you are bringing to fiverr. And also sometimes fiverr does deranks you for some of your actions or sometimes it’s just a normal rotation this dry patch can last up to a month or a little more. Don’t be sad be patient.
  12. What service are you offering? How much time do you spend on youtube and fiverr forum to learn more about this platform? How many buyer requests have you sent so far? And if yes how many strategies have you applied so far? I am not a successful seller myself rather a very failed one to say but you can ask me anything that you want here to the reply of this comment and i will try to answer it to the best of my knowledge.
  13. Basically in the improve your gig section you are supposed to provide a link to your gig(its the only section that allows to share your gig link) Secondly fiverr is an open marketplace, and like any other marketplace new sellers who have less or no reviews have a hard time establishing trust amongst potential buyers. But that doesn’t mean they don’t get orders. They do but you have to be patient. It will be slow at the beginning. So what you need to do right now is go to tips for sellers section and read as many helpful posts daily as you can. It will give you so much helpful tips and tricks. There are a few things that you can analyse to improve your chances of getting hired. Is your gig title clearly telling what you are offering? Are you using your main keyword in their?Is your description well optimised and well written, proof read and is error free?Are your gig images convincing enough as compared to your competitors?Are you charging too high as compared to other sellers?You know a good and convincing gig image plus well written gig description and FAQs can increase your chances of landing a sale. Best of luck hope this helps.
  14. Hi, I am not that much of a successful seller, but these are few of my knowledge that i am pouring in today for the help of new sellers to understand these things related to ranking a gig and SEO (although you can just make the effort) So to understand this issue first you have to understand how search engines work. Let us assume for our understanding that keywords(tags) are like folders. When you list your gig for a certain keyword(those five tags at the bottom and your title), your gig is basically placed in that folder with all the other gigs that used the same keyword. Now whenever someone searches for that keyword, a list of all the gigs enlisted in that folder are shown to them. But all the gigs cannot be shown at once. So search engines break down and show results in form of pages, like 42 gigs on each page or 60 gigs on each page(i forgot the actual number). Your position in the search result is determined by your SEO score or your ranking. So what happens is that search engines rank gigs on certain criteria. Basically what that criteria is and what factors effect your overall SEO score, nobody knows for sure except the fiverr people who made that search engine. But what happens is something like this. Your gig seo score = (weight of the factor1 * your factor1 total score(lets assume that it is response rate) + weight of factor 2 * your total score of factor 2 (lets assume it is order completion rate) and so on) I hope it did not become too technical here. So now coming over to your problem that you are not finding yourself on search results . It is the reason that there are too many gigs ranked above your gig that your gig is burried down. Whenever you want to use a certain keyword first search how many gigs are using that keyword. If it is below 10k you can use that, above that is too high competition for new gigs. Now coming over to how search engines(generally) rank results. It is based on many factors. The top most being How well optimized for search that gig isHow many visits they are gettingImpressions to click ratioClick to order ratioHow many social media clicks(external traffic that you are bringing to your gig)Order completion rateResponse rateResponse timeRatings And many other criterias that are unknown, each of these factors have their own weights (value). So e.g order cancellation has a negative value and it will harmfully impact your gig ranking. But how much value it has this is kept a secret by search engines.A few advises for you Change up your keywords, use the main keyword in your description 2-3 times as well, be creative with it. Dont just write it three times use it in sentences.Use a combination of long tail and short tail keywords (e.g. business logo design can be a long tail keyword, just logo design is a short tail keyword)Use less competitive keywords.Improve your description and gig title, it must include the main keyword you want to rank on. I hope these tips helps you. I hope these were helpful. Fiverr experts can add more to it if i missed something.I tried my best to use as simple language as possible but in case if something is not clear please don’t hesitate to ask in comments i will try to answer them as soon as possible.
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