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  1. Fiverr forum and blog is best for any answer related to fiverr. hope you get best answer by @lloydsolutions.
  2. Press “Switch to buying” on top right - “List” will appear there.
  3. You can use any from below…But not Dropbox… image672×669 42.6 KB
  4. Can you tell us what Fiverr clearly indicates for gig modification.
  5. Brother, Its my new account… & as we are the freelancer we are not satisfied with one account… 🙂 Thank for reply, But how can you say that… in my case and i see some successful freelancer have only one account… 🧐
  6. @frank_d let me clear myself. We can use multiple Fiverr accounts on the same IP on multiple devices. But the Service should not be the same, you have to provide a different Category service (Like: web development, graphics, content writing, etc.) if 2 people using the same service on the same IP then the Only One account service will rank, balance one will be down automatically. pls note, I have an agency company I am doing the same from Last 1 year… till now I didn’t face any problems. Hope I make myself… Thanks… But i checked your profile is created on October 2020.
  7. Congratulation! it means buyer is happy with your work. keep it up…
  8. Being online is good but when you have some task on fiverr site. or working on some other thing in browser tab. In my experience only stay online for gig order, not working anymore.
  9. You need to contact fiverr customer support for deactivation and creating a new account.
  10. You can try this link: Fiverr.com Fiverr Help and Education CenterOne marketplace, millions of professional services. Browse. Buy. Done.
  11. If you rate on behalf of above then no need to re rate your buyer or editing in review. It is also not possible by Fiverr system. Stay happy with what you did. buyer will come if you provide valuable service, there is no doubt.
  12. you tried to fix all points in same box width that is why font style looks different.
  13. Deleting gig is not solution for impression and click. If you delete gig who have less click and impression then no guarantee you will get more click and impression on another existing gig or any new gig. Correction in existing gig may be solution for it. and as a new seller you have option to create 7 Gig.
  14. Find helpful suggestion and reply for your question here…
  15. Here you can learn about Fiverr levels. https://www.fiverr.com/levels
  16. No, why you need multiple account. you can set multiple gig in one account…
  17. Hi for convenient in profile check 🧐, you must provide your link here…
  18. My dashboard page UI looks changed in few hours. Profile parts is now looks smaller on my dashboard. 🧐 do you have same changes.
  19. Great to hear you afford for your education by self and The good thing, it is with Fiverr Earning… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
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