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  1. Hello @hinazia Welcome to Fiverr forum. This forum is full of knowledge to learn about Fiverr.
  2. I seen some agency do agreement with trainee. so that they will not leave before that time period.
  3. No need to create new account if you already running a Fiverr account. Ask CS first before doing.
  4. Hi @yleniama , welcome to Fiverr forum. Nice to meet you and see your expertise. Have a great journey on Fiverr.
  5. Hi @pencil_artists welcome to Fiverr Forum, nice to meet you.
  6. Welcome to Fiverr Forum @web_laab, it is neither Fiber nor fiver. Hope you got it. Have a good day…
  7. You can sell your service by creating gig. Seller will order your gig, if they need your service. You can also apply for job by self using send buyer request options.
  8. Hi @omegadigital20 Welcome to Fiverr forum nice to meet you.
  9. I visited Fiverr blog today and found Fiverr Blog have new minimal theme for its blog site. It looks very calm and professional. blog.fiverr.com Fiverr | BlogFiverr's official blog that focuses on entrepreneurs and freelancers actionable tips, strategies and case studies.
  10. Hi @asraful1914 Nice to meet you…
  11. Yes Fiverr commission increased little bit…
  12. Wrong. What he is asking is if his sister can have her OWN account and offer services in a category that he does NOT. This IS allowed. He may want to contact customer service to let them know, but, as long as they both have their own payment methods, verify their ID’s, their own email and are not offering services in the same categories, they should be OK. GG You are absolutely right, but where he is asking and mention about sister.
  13. Hello! Dulan, Welcome to Fiverr Community. Nice to meet you…
  14. According to rule you are not allowed to have 2 Fiverr account. System will track this activity and your Fiverr accounts will get banned.
  15. Welcome to fiverr forum, Happy freelancing…
  16. Big achievement congratulation. So many things to learn from your story. Thanks
  17. Welcome to fiverr forum. Lots of post already in fiverr forum regarding getting orders. You can read them, will help you surely…
  18. I visited your profile, Unavailable notification message not showing on your profile.
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