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  1. I'm using HP pavillion g6 laptop since 2011. with 1gb radeon graphic, 3gb RAM, 500 gb harddisk. Processor itel core i3, WD passport 500gb external HDD for backup. Thinking to upgrade with gaming laptop. 🙂
  2. I'm not agree with this. There is lots of sellers with higher level, higher experience and heigher gig price. And still they get so many orders.
  3. Please tell something that we don't know. Or do research on forum before posting. maybe you can find best advice than this.
  4. It is not recommended to ask feedback. If buyer report it your account can get in trouble. Or you may receive warning for violating TOS of Fiverr.
  5. Unfortunately i missed this celebration on forum. I never ever did celebration like this. but i was so happy when i got my 1st sale and first tip money. even i can't remember my 100th sale.
  6. this is true and works well, And can make sale in ocean of gigs.
  7. @srrakesh There is nothing like responsive image, insteadof your smart way to design image for gig. You can do some research and you will get, what adjustment you have to make in gig image. So that it will display perfect in all device without any cut or missing design.
  8. @logod4u It is not seal, it will be sale. it is not teal, it will be tell. it is not tropics, it will be topic and don't use plural form like you do- solves and problems. And take care about correct spelling & proper sentence formation. you have to put words in correct way. so that experts get what you want to say and provide you some useful advice.
  9. @hridoy941 There is nothing like loan in Fiverr ? I only heard about Early payout in Fiverr.
  10. For No level seller, to get the buyer request you have to do the two things. 1: Create all your gigs with different category and niche (total 7 gig) 2: check the buyer request at night time while other zone day time like US. Hope it will help you.
  11. I have seen video chat option with vid buyer and it will be zoom video chat.
  12. @sajol75 is also asking about Knock.
  13. Some people only crazy about commenting, no matter what make sense. many of them writing great advice by copy pasting other post. Absolutely they are spamming !!! I agree.
  14. So what are you thinking 🤔 this will get you sales. What I will do by favourite you gig while I am not your real buyer. It is for buyer who want your gig bookmarked for later order.
  15. @pronabju_ Why not try to send some buyer request daily. Maybe it helps to get order. And client know your profile and work.
  16. You are spamming forum by copying other post and even not giving credit to original poster. And not taking any permission to repost. And pretending like you are great author.
  17. @milon20 If your gig niche is less competitive then after editing gig, slight difference of gig placement on search or category page you will see. You can also track gig activities (impression, click, order) by visiting gig page. It will show you edit date and if any downfall after editing.
  18. How can you will refund. While the payment is not in your account. It will only offer buyers who wants free work. And you will get cancellations.
  19. This is not true information. Humans needs to sleep for better health.
  20. Copy paste another recent post. Why you guys spamming forum.
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