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  1. On 8/30/2021 at 2:23 AM, erfanalisiam said:

    Loo. I Had Chosen Loo

    I go through your profile and this post. I want to ask your view.

    Do you have any advantage of writing every second word even conjunctions in Capital letter.


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  2. You need skills for that perticular  test, for that you are wishing to take test.


    • Without any skill or less skill for any test don't go and start test.

    • If you have atleast 45 minutes of time then you can start it.

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  3. Maybe-

    1- They offer the job through buyer request that they not able to do.

    2- They trying to steal buyer request idea or want to have knowledge about how sellers make  buyer request.

    3- They want to improve their response time.

    4- They wants people to click on their profile and gig. May be they think it will boost their sale.

    5- He don't understand what is buyer request used for. And he just used it as getting order from buyers. But he is confused.


  4. Problem is you guys filling forum with post that have no sense and copy paste others post, and asking questions like a guru.

    when some experts teach right way you guys denies to accept.

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