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  1. Thank You, now I advice them to have a blog. I am also going to have a blog.
  2. V.I.D buyer is stands for Very Important Doers. And it is almost like VIP Buyers. Basically these type of buyers buys many gigs for their projects. And work with many freelancer. They also have a badget V.I.D on their profile. Fiverr system let you know that they are V.I.D. buyer while they start chatting with you or buy you gig.
  3. If you want avoid any dispute with buyer in future, then think before offering following points. -Unlimited Revision & Life time Support. -100% Money back guarantee.
  4. if it shows green no doubt you are online. And in setting- there is dropdown that says- Go offline for. don't confuse with that.
  5. You are right. But in previous orders.. some months old. he left the review.
  6. May be this is the reason in my case. now I'm also thinking same. Thanks for your reply.
  7. He place another order by confusion. But after that he also given Tip!
  8. No he just told me by self. Actually he wants to give me tip but place another order by mistake. And inform me about all these.
  9. Today happen some unusual like- Buyer accepted my delivery and provide Tip money, but no review is showing there. Anyone can give me any idea on this, I'm confused. 🤔
  10. It may be depend on video type. If your video is text and graphics video. May be chances are less. But if you have self speaking about your services in front of camera video. It will be great conversion of sale.
  11. I go through your profile and this post. I want to ask your view. Do you have any advantage of writing every second word even conjunctions in Capital letter.
  12. You need skills for that perticular test, for that you are wishing to take test. Note: • Without any skill or less skill for any test don't go and start test. • If you have atleast 45 minutes of time then you can start it.
  13. Maybe- 1- They offer the job through buyer request that they not able to do. 2- They trying to steal buyer request idea or want to have knowledge about how sellers make buyer request. 3- They want to improve their response time. 4- They wants people to click on their profile and gig. May be they think it will boost their sale. 5- He don't understand what is buyer request used for. And he just used it as getting order from buyers. But he is confused.
  14. It's eye opening post. Thanks. I was not aware of such things.
  15. Yes you are right. Yes it a rumour all over forum. By posting and like they will get sale.
  16. Problem is you guys filling forum with post that have no sense and copy paste others post, and asking questions like a guru. when some experts teach right way you guys denies to accept.
  17. Genuine buyers never in hurry, I rarely get any order while i was online. I use Fiverr mobile app to reply if they message me (your knock) any time day or night.
  18. My HP laptop was also best for high end gaming, but nowadays 😂 It is because now games using high level of memory, graphic etc.
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