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  1. Sorry for the clickbait-like subject, I posted it in hopes of attracting input on something that's had me confused for the last 3 months. My Gig Dropped From Level 2 to No Level to New Seller in 90 Days. and I have questions I've been a Seller since 2014 and for the most part, give or take some periods, remained at Level 2. Just 2 months ago my rating was 4.8, but not anymore. About 3 months ago, I realized that my gigs were nowhere to be found on Fiverr, not even when I searched Google. After days of investigation, I found out Fiverr "optimized my gig and found a better more relevant category" and had made my gigs unavailable until I changed their metadata and pricing structure. Tech Support said I'd be back to normal "in no time". After the changes, I've been completely off the grid and haven't received any orders or inquiries (correction: I received 3 spam inboxes) which I can understand due to the algorithm. But also since that time (late May) my Seller Level has consistently plummeted: it dropped from Level 2, to Level 1 To No Level and now I'm listed as a New Seller, with no actual orders or ratings in between. The whole thing feels very odd and almost like a disciplinary action of some sort.. It feel like my gigs were essentially shadowbanned then forced to undergo changes that decimated my Sales and Seller Level in just 3 short months. My question is, Is this common? Is it normal for this type of thing to happen? (not just the level dropping, but the gig removal, and being required to change) Also: Why am I listed as a New Seller? I've been on Fiverr for 5 years. Update: I just received my first order today after several months. I'm appreciative, but I'm still perplexed by the whole thing. Thanks!!
  2. Update: Apparently my gig was optimized and moved. It’s re-appeared now. (even though it wasn’t) moved before- it was just GONE) I never received a personal response. Just a form letter. See below: We’ve optimized your Gig! We found a better, more relevant category that we think will improve your Gig’s visibility, and ultimately, it’s sales. But in order for it to be truly optimized, you need to update your metadata and pricing attributes. Doing so will ensure your Gig performs at its best in its new home. Please update your metadata and pricing factors, ASAP!
  3. Welp, I activated the other 2 then signed on and signed off and the other 2 are still missing. Thanks for the great suggestion. I’m anxiously awaiting the response from the Support team
  4. I’m hoping it’s a bug. No, I haven’t reactivated the other 2. Do you think I should try to? (they aren’t my best work but I will if recommended)
  5. I’m at a loss here. Gig is over 6 years old, has had thousands of Buyers and has disappeared. I put it on Pause a few months ago. I logged into activate it and now see no signs of it on my gig page or anywhere. The link to it says it’s no longer available. Also gone is another gig I had that is less popular. I had 2 other lesser used gigs on Pause and they are still there. I’ve refreshed over and over and nothing has changed I checked in periodically while on Pause and saw or heard nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, I received notice of being a Level 2 Seller again just 2 weeks ago. Is anyone familiar with this happening? ***also, when I google the titles of my gigs that are M.I.A, my main one appears as a Fiverr advertisement on India’s Pinterest page. Is this normal? I really have no idea anymore any suggestions or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading
  6. Question, When I receive inbox inquiries from potential Buyers, is there are a way to determine whether: They’re asking about my gig as advertised on Fiverr (a $5 gig) OR They’re asking about my services for so I can make a Custom Offer (a $XX gig) . When I’m inboxed I can’t tell the difference. I’ve mistakenly talked myself out of lucrative opportunities because I quoted them $5 before I realized they were looking for something much greater. When someone messages me, I automatically assume it’s specifically for my advertised gig.(Maybe it’s because I started on Fiverr before Custom Offers were introduced). I’m not seeing anything differentiating them. . Am I missing something Fiverr? Thanks!!
  7. Hiiiii guys. I’ve been here 5 years and would love your help and expertise! I’m ready to upgrade my gig for 2020, but I’m AFRAID. I’m fearful of messing up the algorithm and losing the positioning, history and activity I’ve built up over the years I know a lot of Sellers’ gigs offer 3 different level/pricing options. I’m NOT one of them, but I’d love to be. Currently All my gigs are the standard $5 gigs + Gig Extras. How can I make a smooth transition? without doing any damage? MY QUESTIONS How can I make changes to my Gig and make as LITTLE impact to the algorithm as possible? Would expanding my $5 gig into a 3 level multipriced gig delete its original history.and activity? Can 3-level gigs offer Gig Extras? Would adding more images to my gallery have an effect on my algorithm/ranking? Would changing my gig cover have an effect on my algorithm/ranking? If I left any gig changes out, please advise which changes to my gig WOULD have an effect Thank youuuuu for your time Fiverr
  8. Hellooo Community. I’m listing my issues/requests based on my past frustrations. I pretty much gave up on the forum because I could never find actual answers/solutions to my issues when I needed them. The Community felt like the wild west to me with no easy-to-find fixes. Hopefully some of these issues are long gone, but I just wanted to share: Old/Dated information: I used to look up solutions and discussions to my issues, only to find that they were written 3 to 4 years prior and were no longer valid. Old information for previous versions or features should be hidden or separated to avoid confusion The Effectiveness-level of Each Post: I think each post made for support/help should prominently indicate if it contains a solution or not. a simple SOLVED! or STILL WAITING tag could save lots of time end effort. If a SOLVED post exists, all related posts that are unsolved should contain a link or option to go directly to the solution. Newbie Posts: Newbie Forum There should be a separate newbie incubator forum that is moderated 24/7 because newer users seem to have the most questions and they require a different level of support. All new-user posts and first time user/first sale posts should be relocated there. That Forum should allow the new users to lean on the moderators and one another until they really know the ropes and have “graduated” to the forum of active users (demonstrated by reaching a sales milestone) Until they reach that number they should only have access to the regular forum with their moderator’s approval. All new accounts should be linked to the newbie forum by default and they should finally gain access to the regular forum after X Sales with an announcement email just like when we change seller levels: “Congratulations, you have been added to the active user community.” App Life: Perhaps this already exists, but If there is part of the forum that deals with the Fiverr app, I have never seen it. I would love to have support with it. If there is a 3rd party that run the app that is not a part of Fiverr, there should be an interactive section or thread where we can communicate with them and share our feedback. Just my 2 cents.Thanks for reading 😀
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