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  1. A level 2 seller with a lot of 5 stars reviews. Very professional, I am totally satisfied with their knowledge and communication. I can not imagine they made such mistake.
  2. So according to that (if restricted) they can complete ongoing orders. Yes thank you. This seems to explain everything. I guess I have nothing to worry about.
  3. Yes I am still able to talk to them. I asked them and they said there is a problem with their account that will be solved. My order is is progress. Their account is nowhere to see into fiverr. I am not sure what is going on.
  4. Thank for your answer. Do you think this will impact my order? It is showing still in progress. I am totally happy with the seller and I want him to deliver the order. As I said it is a big and complex project and the seller knows exactly what needs to to be done. I can not go through this again explaining to a new seller the whole project not to mention time we need.
  5. Hi, I have an open order of a big project over a month now. Suddenly the seller got banned. What will happen to my order? What should I do. The delivery is in 5 days. They claim that this has no impact to my order. Thank you in advanced
  6. Hello, I am about to change level and I was wondering what should I expect with that change. Do you have more orders more traffic or it is just only a matter of pride? Thank you Lena
  7. Ok sometimes buyers ask for things that can not be done with 5$. To go something viral in 50M people it is not something that you achieve with 5$. You get what you pay for. Seo needs a lot of time, work and money don´t forget about that.
  8. I am new here so the money at this moment aren´t enough for anything. So maybe next year I will be at that position. Wish you all the best and enjoy it.
  9. Hello I always ask in my gigs my potential clients to discuss about the projects first, before buying. This is what makes me be sure that I can do it. It is not that I don´t have experience in what I provide, but in this way, I can be sure that I will be in the position to offer what the client will want. Also gives me some time to investigate each project more in depth. But when I start to ask questions the potential clients lose their interest. Don´t get me wrong I just ask 4 or 5 questions. How can I be quick with the questions and keep the clients interest? What do you think, should I stop asking? TIA Lena
  10. It’s frustrating trying to find a good website creator. I asked one the other day to send me some links to sites he has designed and some of the links he sent were dead, some were to sites that were not operational, and every one of the sites was really bad. None of them were functional or professional. I just can´t understand that. How could he or she send you broken websites as his/her portfolio? It is better to say, that “I don´t have anything to show you”.
  11. Your conclusion is the complete opposite to mine when I see all of those posts. They make me realize that a little effort makes a huge difference and a huge effort will, well, etc. It is often mentioned that there are too few really solid looking, trustworthy Website Creators on Fiverr. There is absolutely a huge opportunity for the right person there, if they are prepared to really make the effort to go for it. As I said in my response to the other user, “all I can see that you have done is show up and make the “effort” of creating a couple of gigs which look pretty much the same … as what is offered by others”. Essentially, your main gig is priced at $995 and takes 14 days. Now, that is not off as such, however there is nobody on the site that will pay that for someone with zero reviews. Try creating packages made up of different price points with various ideas. Steer away from the bullet list that looks exactly like what everyone else has and instead focus on what you will do differently for the buyer. Differentiate yourself from the crowd, perhaps buy a couple of those cheap gigs and see what they do for that money. When I started offering SEO here, it was after buying around $200 worth of SEO gigs to see what the others actually offered and realizing that the opportunity was there to offer high end, high quality services and not the outdated and backward methods that I saw elsewhere. That’s how my SEO gig is one of the most expensive on Fiverr, yet I pause it regularly due to being overbooked. The same is true of my marketing consultation gig - bought a few from others, realized that everything I saw was rehashed templates from 5 year old PLR articles. That was a year ago and now I am the most rated Marketing Consultant on the site. Do some research, hone your service, be competitive and engage with buyers when they contact you, but give them a reason to do so as well as offering lower price points that people can “test” you with. Bet you are sorry you asked for more replies now, eh? Don´t be sure that I am sorry 🙂 It crossed my mind to buy some of this cheap gigs, to see what they are doing. I don´t know why I haven´t done it yet. I might do it. This might give me an idea of what different I can offer. Thank you for your generosity!
  12. …and what makes me wonder, is that when someone posts here something like “Helpppppp I need to make salesssss” There will be at least 20 answers saying the same thing bla bla bla. But when someone wants to post a real conversation, then OK you get 1 answer. It is like that nobody wants to start a real conversation or so.
  13. Hello I am new to fiverr, not even a whole month here and I am getting really confused. I am seeing the gigs of some people here offering a hard and complicated work for even 5$ or 50$, a work that worth at least 500 $. I know that is the concept of Fiverr, do something with 5$; BUT if you are an experienced tech, you know that you can´t build a whole website for 5$ in 2 days or 50$.I guess you get what you are paying. Then a lot of people say here that I should answer to buyers request to get first order. Ok. Most of the times the buyers requests are not relevant to what I do, and when they are, they ask something that worth a lot more for a few bucks. I am seeing here a lot of people offering things that they don´t know what it is, and then are arguing that they don´t have sales. How can someone sale, when is offering writing in English services, without even knowing the language? My conclusion is, that I won´t bother so much anymore.
  14. Hi sandyroseus1 I am not here to make fast money. I have just the opinion, that good work must be paid fair. I will rethink about it and I will find out what can I offer for cheaper price. Thank you for your kind words 🙂
  15. Hello somaginer1996 I can offer something cheaper, but I need some time to think, what this can be.
  16. Hi lloydsolutions I thought about that a lot before I begin. I came to the conclusion that a good work must be paid fair. I don´t know if I am right because I´ve seen here work to be offered with 5$ which is worth a lot more. I will think again…
  17. Thank you very much justinrocks!
  18. Hello I am new here and I just wanted to say hello. Can someone proof my gigs and tell me if I am at the right way? Here is my profile https://www.fiverr.com/lena_80469 Best regards Lena
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