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  1. Hello, Fiverr community. Fiverr showing this error to everyone I guess. Every seller has this issue, the entire site has some annoying bugs from the past 15 days. They promised and scheduled maintenance that had to fix the bug last week, but they didn’t do it for some reason. Hope it will fix soon.
  2. It’s very informative thank you for true information.
  3. Hello there! If you want to see an increase to your impressions than you should do changes to your GIG. Recently rankings on Fiverr changed and many Gigs moved places down or went unseen. For you to climb your ranks again you should focus on researching firstly about what is currently happening with this system so you get a better understanding of the situation. After that i would recommend for you to Optimize your Keywords and Title to something less similar to others, but which still has relevance on what people are searching. Your pricing and description should be flawless and worked on with. Those 2 are the most important things a customer sees before buying a Gig so you should tweak it using not only some relevant keywords but to give a simpler and better understanding of your gig to new sellers. Pricing is a really spicy topic, since changing prices is a really tempting thing, but in my opinion you should keep the prices as you feel you deserve them. Another thing which wiedly impacts you Gig’s visability is the way you represent it by using images or videos. Learning is really important and can really affect your understanding on marketing your Gig in a better way. Watching your Forum account i can see that you haven’t really checked any tips, which is really important to do, since there are hundreds of level 2 sellers just like you and professionals who have worked with big companies in the past. “Learn, Strategies, Attack. Catch anything while flying and do your best to never give up” The more research and knowledge on what you’re doing the higher the chances of you solving such problems yourself, without the help of others. I hope you have better luck and improve your place in searches. -Have a good day Marin Thank you so much I understand your perspective. Now i will do it to improve my gig. Thank you again for your guidance. I feel motivated.
  4. Hello friends… I’m 2 level seller and want to know about what should I do to improve my gigs? And my impression is continuously dropping?
  5. IT worked for me mate and other as well @smartseoz
  6. Yeah mate it really very use ful for new seller’s 😀
  7. Yup! I’m not phased by it at all. 😅 Can’t believe it’s still a thing! yeah a thing which gave me some potential clients 😉
  8. Yes ofcourse it works. I’ve got so many messages through it. 🙂
  9. ohh so any idea how much time it can take to work permanently ?
  10. I can understand the frustation , I am going through same patch. Hope @fiverr support solve the problem soon 🙂
  11. It’s in beta, so very few people still have it. Yeah… I hope fiverr soon do something about it coz its really effective on the sales…
  12. After patiently waiting for a month, I finally got back my available now button. I used it for a few days… Got some really good projects… overall I was very happy… But one night I by mistakenly forgot to turn off the button… next morning when I woke up, I was devastated to see that there was a message form this client who contacted me from the available now button… I didn’t replied him on time so as a consequence, my available now button was again deactivated… “✖️ High completion and satisfaction scores” they say… So I read the FAQs and came to know that a user gets 3 chances till their button is deactivated for a month… But in my case, only one message was unanswered, yet my button was once again gone for another one month… I think it’s a bug… Anyone has same problem?
  13. Do you sent offers to buyer requests daily? That helps a lot. Also try to promote your gigs on Social Media platforms which will increase your gig’s impressions then your gig will be more likely to be sold.
  14. https://www.fiverr.com/affiliate_program Go to this link and follow the steps.
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