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  1. I’m already booked out for July and can’t add more August orders because of 30 day delivery time. Don’t want to extend. This will help sellers who have have longer delivery times (my highest is 14 days) and need to book orders in advance due to high demand. A 60 day max delivery option would help greatly.
  2. Hmm…that’s good then if it doesn’t affect the stats, but I still don’t want to make this a habit. I’m getting inquiries daily at this point. Adding a 60 day option for Level 2 Sellers and up would remedy this. I’m sure I’m not the only seller having this issue.
  3. Tell the buyer that you will send them a custom offer at a later date? At the beginning of August? That’s what I have been doing. For this project, I can send it on July 17 and use the 30 day delivery time of August 17. Just hoping for a better option. Don’t want to lose the sale while we wait.
  4. Yes but that affects on-time delivery stats doesn’t it? And I don’t want to make requesting an extension a habit.
  5. Ugh. That doesn’t make sense. They should at least give the option of longer delivery times the higher you go up in levels. My gig isn’t applicable for milestones.
  6. My gig is picking up and I often need to stack orders in my que, but can’t because of Fiverr’s 30 day delivery time. For example: I’m booked for the entire month of July, and just got another request. My first available date to start this project is August 3, and it would require a 14 day delivery time, meaning my deadline to delivery it would be August 17. But because today is July 6, if I sent the buyer an order today with the max 30 day delivery time selected, the deadline for the project would be August 6, three days after it begins. I don’t want to use the Extend the delivery time option because I don’t want my 100% on-time delivery stats to decline. Is there a way around this? How do you guys schedule orders months in advance? Thanks.
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