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  1. Thank you so much for you information.
  2. Everyday I try to send 10 buyer request based on my experiences. Thank you so much
  3. Hi From last 6 months, my gig impression day by day decreasing. Now not showing my gig in the search result. Can you experience guys tell me proper gig marketing on social media? Which social media I share my gig to increase my impression, click, and view. Now I am doing works with only my previous clients. How can I get new client order? Please give me proper guidelines. I will be happy if I get any suggestions from you. Advance Thanks
  4. Yes I would be interested in the Seller Plus program, if I am eligible
  5. Hi I am a level 2 seller now. But I am not understanding the order cancellation rate policy. My order completion rate was 100%, Tow days before I just cancel one order by mutual cancellation Now my order completion rate is 67 but why? Only 1 order cancellation my order completion rate is reduced from 100% to 67%. It is very shocking to me. If anyone knows this order completion rate reduces full algorithem please share with us. I want to know this full policy. Thank you
  6. why it is not working for me? can you give me any suggestion?
  7. are ads worked only online time? I am confused about it. if you know please tell me details. Screenshot_11358×628 44.3 KB
  8. my basic price is 30 and my average selling price is 98 but don’t know why it is nor working for me.
  9. my present average selling price is 98 but did not work perfectly. don’t know why
  10. Can you guys please tell me about Promoted gigs features uses experience? I am using it last 20 days after getting this feature but just see get 51 impressions and 6 clicks. experience1358×556 42.4 KBUsing Promoted gigs features Fiverr automatically promotes my gig to another seller? It is really worked? If anyone gives me a proper solution I will be very happy to know it and used it.
  11. You can easily check your gig status by clicking GIG from the menu bar. Thank you Screenshot_11365×371 33 KB
  12. welcome to fiverr. try to send 10 buyer request everyday with buyer requirement and try to active more than 16 hours everyday. increase your skill.
  13. It is very shocking when you get 3.7 from buyer. actually buyer not understanding how 5 star rating impact seller profile. they write praise on writing section and they give us 3.7 which is very bad. now you need to wait 60 days and try to increase your skill.
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