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  1. Verify your number again it will resolve the problem. Thanks 🙂
  2. It worked i also got the same issue. Verify your number again it will resolve the problem. Thanks 🙂
  3. Thank you @ssajidsharif @expertd3signer
  4. Thank you Hopefully you will get your order soon!
  5. LOL I just didn’t notice that fist thing!! 😃 Thanks alot and welcome back. Hope you had a relaxing vacation.
  6. Thank you so much @giogiodesigns I hope you will get your soon.
  7. Hi there, ALL RIGHT :star_struck:!! i have got my first order in fiverr.I am so excited when i saw my first order’s notification. Right now i am so excited !! please pray for me and i want to satisfy my buyer by my work.
  8. Hey I have been working in a company. Can I use there projects(that is have made) as samples here or can add in my portfolio? Thanks
  9. Hey I am new on fiverr. I just created my FIRST GIG! Please check it out. I didn’t get any order yet. I know this things take time but if anyone of you can guide me how to improve my gig. That will be very helpful. Thanks
  10. Hey Great things take time. Dont be sad! Thanks
  11. ohh thats fine!! Keep up the pace! (Great things Ahead) All the best! 🙂
  12. i am new here too and i also didn’t get any order yet 😦
  13. Congratulations!! way a go!!! Fist LOL 🙂
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