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  1. i am create a attractive Logo design, I am all facility provide on my Gig, and high resolution quality and only 5$ very low price in my Gig, but buyer my Gig not purchases, i am 2 days waiting for buyer but no response on my Gig. so, please suggest me, please check my Gig :frowning_face:https://www.fiverr.com/krishnabhati123/attractive-logo-design-for-your-profit-5c9af26f-3404-432d-83ed-c72bc4739ec7#!
  2. :roll_eyes:please experience shear with comment box,so thank you to reply
  3. How come you do not have the time to read and write? Take the due time to elaborate your answer. This is not a chat. ok i am so so so sorry please leave me
  4. thank you for you comment you are right i will use a internet so you are experience seller please help with any tips i hope you help me 🙁
  5. how to satisfied Buyer in 1st impression
  6. yes, i have a not time reading & typing so i can copy and paste any your problem so i am sorry
  7. I am create a attractive Gig but I have not any order, so friend and all seller please check my Gig and suggest you what is a problem. https://www.fiverr.com/krishnabhati123/create-great-logo-for-your-brand-company-and-any-social
  8. I am a new seller in fiverr I am create a great Logo, i have 2 year experience for Logo design, i am properly reading Logo design course in 1 year. but i have a not Oder anyone and my Gig not search box, please suggest me
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