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  1. What is meant by this?? how can i featured my gig on promotional listings?? what is its process please if someone guide me in detail. Its regard. Thanks
  2. High completion and satisfaction scores What is meant by this? i am level 1 seller and in available now ption it showing me red bar line of this and i am not able to use available now option. anyone guide me?? whats the main reason how can i remove this tag?
  3. It depends on the number of orders you have had (or will have by the 15th) over the last 60 days. i have completed almost 6 orders and 2 in queue after the late delivery. and its my first order which is late.
  4. i Want to know my delivery rate is 83% how many orders will fulfill the gap or 7% ?? If someone help? I have 2 orders in a queue.
  5. https://www.fiverr.com/jamijo0012/develop-customized-wordpress-website New gig please review. is it fine? @sara19841 @offlinehelpers
  6. @sara19841 mam please check tis description of my new gig (Title) develop customized wordpress website Helo Buyer! I’ve been working on Customized WordPress Websites projects for more than three years. During this time i have collaborated with many E-Commerce sites our newly developed business websites which includes Admin Panels, CMS Systems or E-Commerce Websites. GET SUPPORT | PAYMENT METHOD INTEGRATION | REPORT GENERATION Here on Fiverr, I am Level one seller and offering buyers the chance to get their own Customized WordPress website. Through which they get 100% Guaranteed perfect pixels, mobile responsive website, Fast loading page and clean code, stunning design and more. If you need any help with Customized WordPress Websites, knock on my door! Why Choose Me? 3+ Years Of Experience 100% Client Satisfaction 100 % Time and Quality Guaranteed 100% Money-back Guarantee 24/7 Support Please check out my other Gigs for more website-related services. Thanks 🙂
  7. dear @offlinehelpers @sara19841 Tomorrow before these changes in my gig my gig is showing on 5th page with the keyword of PHP WEBSITES but now it not showing even i checked 25 pages. Is their any technical issue in my gig now?
  8. I will show. am i show the other gigs description now?
  9. i’ll wait. sara mam thanks alot to both of you 🙂
  10. Perfect (y) Thanku mam. Wish to pay you for that tremendous effort 🙂
  11. pretty much cleared. thanks alot Now be careful for my next gigs Learned alot
  12. https://www.fiverr.com/jamijo0012/develop-amazing-php-website-for-you dear @offlinehelpers @sara19841 please now review it. Is it much better now?
  13. That’s not your own text - you’ve copied it from elsewhere. 😉 Just tell the buyer what you’ll do and what they’ll get - never mind the fluff! yes i take help from google
  14. Custom PHP Web Development from This Gig offers most impulsive and innovative PHP based solutions @ highly affordable rates. We have created milestones in Custom PHP Web Development and setting new standards in Custom PHP development with the help of our talented and extremely hard working team of PHP developers. Is it fine>? which one i have to add? please suggest regards
  15. Custom PHP Development is sure shot solution to make a grand entry in the world of web promotion. It offers tremendous benefits like fully customized solutions to meet up your specific business requirements, totally new look and feel of your website or solution, improved SEO compatibility and much more. AM i add this is it fine?
  16. Thanku dear will make new gig for bugsThen i write this stuff.
  17. sure iwill change and get back to you Thanks for helping
  18. https://www.fiverr.com/jamijo0012/develop-amazing-php-website-for-you Now please review is this ok now? i changed @offlinehelpers @sara19841
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