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  1. How many new sellers are joining Fiverr every day? Is there any estimated number? I can see some countries are promoting freelancing on govt levels to fight unemployment, especially in south Asian countries so a major boost of new sellers expected in the coming days. I am curious to know how many new sellers joining Fiverr every day, it will be interesting if someone from staff share statistics. Thanks
  2. There should be a “Signup Fee” for new sellers to filter out inexperienced and Non-serious sellers. I can see thousands of new sellers joining every day and most of them are just spam, spamming the buyer request platform, and the overall environment of the platform. If fiverr setup a signup fee, then only the serious and competent sellers will create the gigs and so the buyers will get the best experience from the platform.
  3. Does Fiverr remove the gigs if a seller doesn’t come online in a month or two? I want to say if a user has abandoned fiverr from a month then why should their gigs show up in search results? Does the fiverr remove the inactive gigs or not?
  4. I just saw something news called “Fiverr for business”. Is this only for Buyers or sellers can also join ? LINK: https://www.fiverr.com/business_workspace/landing_page
  5. @imranhossain999 You are welcome. please keep us posted about the customer support response. Thanks
  6. @imranhossain999 Thanks for your response and sorry to hear you are yet to be succeeded. Did you contact customer support? If not, you can do here https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new? and let us know what they said. I am on Phone and unable to connect with customer support.
  7. @salehayat, @imranhossain999 Did you guys managed to link LinkedIn account? If yes, how?
  8. I would not say Fiverr changed my life but yes it helped me make some extra money so that I save it and Buy my own home in the future hopefully.
  9. what was the customer support response? They removed my videos too.
  10. The Orders which are not completed are considered “Active” and i can see that fiverr has marked it “Delivered” so i think thats clear, as long as the Timer is concerned,it work that way but the “Late” words should be replaced with a suitable word.
  11. Its very hard to get your account back, But you can contact the customer support and present your situation. They will be be able to Guide you what exactly went wrong with your account. Good Luck
  12. Sneaky haxer stuff? Beats me. @misscrystal There is a paid VPN service named as hidemyass which helps the people to show the location of their choice or no location at all.
  13. Hi Everyone! Fiverr Started showing Review on Buyer profiles, and as well as on the Seller profile. Now the seller profiles have two sections, the one says “Reviews as a seller” while the other says “reviews as buyer”. Is there any way to hide "“reviews as buyer” section on the sellers profiles? I hope someone from the CS see this post and reply us here. Thanks
  14. Hi @thewriteones… Does the first negative review reduced or stopped your sales? I just got my first negaitve review and i am very upset about it.
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