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  1. @insects44 i appreciate your findings / research and i would like to add some core values in Mr @frank_d statements. i have been in touch with fiverr vertical Manager of programming and tech category and here’s his response about ranking. hopefully it will help to add some authenticity in this topcic fiverr723×263 20.8 KB
  2. i think “that visual” bug is also effecting the gigs performance and ranking also. Algorithm moved me to very last page for No reason… !!! my profile is on 100% performance rating in all aspects… (Not sure whats really going on…)
  3. @madihashahen hopefully you are doing everything in a good way. try to do some research in your category. modify your gigs according to that and stay SELF MOTIVATED
  4. yes "hopefully and logically " 😇. but not impressions. its views Capture1044×109 16.6 KB
  5. What do you mean by that? i think he meant “attach” social accounts etc with profile" anyway… i don’t see this information useful. its just another “blurry” post.
  6. @sarmadrizvi24 in addition to what @misscrystal said. i would like give an exact statement ( there is no solution for this). you are in global business. buyers are not suppose to wait for the “sellers mood” they are here just for the purchasing. so if you got potential and can provide “what it takes” then welcome to freelancing bro 🙂
  7. One time CS even tried to persuade me to provide a revision to a client whose order had closed 1 month prior and had already exhausted their single revision. The problem was that I had blocked them as they were a nightmare to work with, and they weren’t requesting a revision at all - they had a brand new script and their client had requested they hire me again for the job. But when they saw I had blocked them, they REPORTED me to Fiverr CS and lied to them, saying I was refusing to provide a revision they were entitled to. Luckily CS sided with me in the end, but not after pressuring me to “please work it out” and “provide the revision.” 😤 so what was the “ending like” did you provide the revision…?
  8. @designhub777 can you please clarify why its NOT POSSIBLE?
  9. @diamondleopard Hi there i met all those Requirements in Aug 2018 i guess and then i started waiting and i had no idea why im not becoming TRS. so i started improving lots of things. like my gigs images , videos. texting. (each and every word proofread) , market research again and again and then finally yesterday i received an notification about promotion for TRS. and i was like WOOOOOOWWWWW 😊
  10. thanks to everyone for showing Great Love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  11. @qbo_xero_expert thank you well you know its all about Hard work, self Motivation and no doubt patience. if you have any specific question or want to ask anything about any point then you can surely ask… thank you 🙂
  12. @chydeanmah thank you and yes. i wish all the sellers will get Great Achievements
  13. @aribakomal thank you it takes really hard efforts to achieve this status… i just want to say “stick with the game,work really hard and stay motivated”
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