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  1. why I received non-related buyer request .I am work with promotional video and video intro category but I have received “video editing” buyer requests.What’s happening ? anyone knows?
  2. I like to complete orders everyday If I have orders everyday ! 😂
  3. i agree with you .only fiver care about level 2 and TRS .not to us
  4. just watch the video.You will able to understand how to pay via paypal
  5. That’s may be technical error.Contact Custom Support! :roll_eyes:
  6. dude,I am not a hacker :rofl: Just i wanted to know about your’s.That’s all. if anyone don’t want to share your experience please don’t reply this.WHAT THE HACK.I AM JUST CRAZY HACKER NOW :rofl:
  7. How much do you guys earn monthly of fiverr (averagely) just exchange your experience 🙈
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