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  1. I’m afraid I couldn’t conveyed my point,
  2. Of course it is possible But, only if each member is responsible to do his job well in time, my point is the one person (admin) who is communicating with the client if he makes a commitment with the client and the person who is responsible to do that task tells him that he can’t deliver this task with the promised time, secondly if one of those 12 members of a team delivers poor quality due to any reason and client leave a negative feedback the whole profile will be affected, working in a team is best only if you have trust on all of your team members… Best of luck
  3. Thank you Sagor Ahmed, your fiverr profile looks great, I’ve no doubt that you’ll achieve this badge in less time than me, Best of luck…
  4. Today is a great day for me, I got level 2 badge. For many of great sellers here it may look like a normal thing but its a great achievement for me. It was a long journey of one year, Last year when I joined Fiverr in December 2017 I didn’t knew I’ll get this badge in one year but here I’m. I’d like to thank all respected members of this group for sharing their valuable suggestions, I’ve learnt a lot from them. Last but not the least, I’d like to thank @paulmaplesden , I’ve learnt a lot from you. I always keep waiting for your new posts, I have applied your great Tips which produced great results for me.! Tariq
  5. There is no hard and fast rule that one will get an order after sending 10 or 100 or 1000 buyer request, I’d suggest to try following. Try to make your offer unique from other sellers. Make it personalized according buyer needs. Using of template is strongly NOT recommended. If possible list down the steps in your offer using which you will solve buyer problem(s). Make sure there is no spelling/ grammatical mistakes. Note: These steps are based on my personal experiences… you have the right to disagree with it 🙂 Good Luck
  6. Dear Ahmad, Read this great article written Paul (One of the best writer), I hope it will help, The key to success is hard work and consistency. Best of Luck
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