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  1. So sorry for your experience. Sadly, some buyers are like this. It is bad, but you should cut your losses and move on.
  2. This is great advice. I couldn’t agree more. Congratulations on your Level 1! I think the bottom line is nothing in life comes for free. If you work hard, stay op top of your game, and are always willing to evolve and to learn more, you WILL succeed. Too many sellers on this platform think freelancing is a way to make easy money. It is not! I’ve been here for two years, and I am still learning every day.
  3. Yes, respond. Just write ‘No thanks.’ That’s enough.
  4. Yes, because the buyer wants to feel a connection with you. I’ve had much success with BR because I write them a note (as to a friend) each time. I tell them why I am a good match for their project and what I can do for them. I mention some of their requirements and how I am going to fulfill it. Some of my best long term buyers came from BR. Try it!
  5. This is part of the Fiverr experience! Buyers can click on your gigs and order - without speaking to you first! There are two ways to ‘get out of this’: Just do it. Write back immediately and ask for buyer requirements. Ask for an extension if you must. Be honest, tell the buyer that you are swamped, but would like to get to the order. Be reasonable - when can you get to it?Cancel the order. This will affect your rating.My advice? The first option. Talk to the buyer and work something out. Most of the times buyers are reasonable if they want you for their project. After all, he ordered, didn’t he?
  6. Why I love freelance writing In my previous life, I was a lot of things. I started with stars in my eyes with a degree in business administration. But the world of work was full of office politics, long meetings, and traffic jams. Then I tried to be an entrepreneur. It spoke more to my creativity, but oh, the administrative side was never-ending. It slurped time and took me away from my family. Then, by chance (or perhaps it was destiny?) I read about Fiverr in a book one day. Fiverr is a website where freelancers can ‘advertise’ their skills in different ‘gigs’ and make money online. Now, before I go any further, you must know that I love reading and writing. Deep in the back of my cupboard is journals that I kept since I was nine. I’ve written poems and stories my whole life. So, I started to write on Fiverr. Ironically, I started with a law article. Bland and boring, you’d think. But I loved it! I discovered that I could take legalese and write in layman’s terms so that even I can follow it. My reasoning, of course, if I can understand it in the end, everyone should. They did. The buyer loved it and gave me more articles to write. To this day, (almost two years later) it still gives me the thrill to find a law project in my inbox. And so, my life as a freelancer started. Why do I love it? Let me count the ways: • My time is so my own. I can now schedule my work in the mornings so that my afternoons can be free to be a taxi driver and social secretary to my three children, aged between nine and sixteen. Holidays? No problem! I warn my buyers that I’ll be taking some time off and line them up for when I get back. With excellent communication and customer service, everything is possible. • The variety of work is excellent! This morning I might be writing on the sustainability of the fashion industry, whereas tomorrow I will be debating the pros and cons of using a legal document preparation service. In between, I even write poems for birthdays, children’s books, and mystery games. • The work challenges me. I get to be creative and serious. Sometimes I struggle for hours on a mere 500 words. Then, at other times, my keyboard turns into piano keys and I play the music of words like a maestro. • My bucket list gets shorter. I am doing things with my money that I’ve always dreamt of. The leather lazy boy recliner in my sitting room was an extravagant buy, but before I was a freelancer, it was way down the bucket list. I am saving to go to Italy. I’ll get there. Writing is not for everyone. It is a skill and a talent. It gets better with exercise, just like everything else in life. I love it. It is my passion and I am so grateful that I found a way of getting to do it every day. I am living my dream!
  7. To elaborate on this a little, from the perspective of a Top Rated Seller. Here’s why we would be super angry if you messaged us in this way; We’re really busy. And we get around 10 to 20 new messages each day. We want to convert as many of those as we can into orders, which takes time, and pulls us away from what we’re doing. You can imagine that when I realise the message that just pulled me away from my work is actually someone pitching for their own work, I’m going to be pretty annoyed.I don’t know you , and I don’t know the quality of your work. We’ve worked hard to build our reputation here on the platform, and as such, we would never risk someone else doing our work for us. What if you mess it up? That’s our reputation on the line.We’ve worked really hard to make it to TRS. In order to get to TRS, we’ve taken on a lot of work, and we’re often busier than we’d like to be. But we make good money because of this. I don’t mean to be rude, but why would we want to give that money to someone else?I admire you for being business savvy, because in other platforms, this might be ok - but definitely not here on Fiverr. I totally agree! Well said.
  8. It depends on what your goals are. If you are a full-time writer, like me, it is a full 8-hour day. I focus on my jobs and work according to a schedule that I made myself. It sets out everything I have to do that day, week, etc. (by the way, I set my deadlines 1-2 days before the actual gig countdown - I can’t handle stress!) Once a week, I look at my gigs’ performance and tweak here and there. I suppose a part-time freelancer will do things differently, but this works for me. The hardest thing is sometimes to decide when to sign out for the day. I love my work!
  9. I totally agree. I found BR very helpful - but only if you reply in a personable manner to requests that are applicable to you and the services (or gigs) you offer. Otherwise, why waste your time? I scan BR once a day or so, and perhaps reply to one or two. Some of my best (and long-term buyers) I found on BR.
  10. Thanks! I did turn on that button. I guess I’d just have to wait, then. 😀
  11. Has anyone here had a studio lead contact them? I would love to join one. I am a Level 2 seller with top reviews, but I haven’t been ‘discovered.’ 😉 Any advice?
  12. Hi, I need some advice. I love freelancing and especially doing so on Fiverr. I’ve been doing great! My problem is due to time constraints and scheduling issues I must often decline work. Is it against Fiverr rules to promote another seller in my answer to the buyer? My reasoning is - if I can help a friend earn more, why not? Obviously, it will be up to the buyer to decide if he wants to act on my recommendation. May I do this? Regards Helena
  13. Hi, here is the original request that I got from a buyer: " I need a letter to send my customers that placed a credit card dispute, this letter will explain them how, since they signed this contract, that if they not removing the dispute until a certain date (that I will manually add to your letter) we will pass their info to collection and the credit bureau, and that in addition to the original amount they will have to pay penalties and collection legal fees. of cores, you will use good manors and legal terms." It is for a taxi service. Now the buyers want me to rewrite the whole letter, as he wants it to sound as if it is coming from a third party. Here’s what I answered: "Your original request read that you needed a letter to send out to YOUR customers … that YOU will pass on their info to the credit bureau, etc. Therefore, I wrote it as if it is coming from YOU. If you want me to change it so that it can sound as if it is coming from a third party, it was not mentioned in the original order, and I shall have to re-write everything. The whole tone and perspective of the letter will have to be changed. Also - where should the message come from, then? I can re-write, but we’ll have to create a new order for this." Is it fair to insist on a new order? He still wants me to re-write in spite of my answer. Do you think it is appropriate? Please help fellow-writers. In essence, I’ll have to do the whole thing over. What should I do?
  14. You guys are funny! It is all in the mind …
  15. I am living the life I always dreamt of. Every day, I am doing the two things that I like most! I am connecting and chatting with interesting people from all over the world - some of them with exciting ideas and projects, others with more mundane tasks. But, I love it! Even after almost 18 months, it still gives me a thrill to find a new message in my inbox. Some of these buyers morphed into online friends. How cool is that! I get to write every day. Moreover, it is never dull! In what other jobs can your jump from writing a “choose your own adventure” story the one day to a precise legal argument the next? And they pay me to do it? Some days I have to pinch myself. Sure, I’ve had one or two bad experiences. Who doesn’t? However, overall, I find buyers here on Fiverr courteous and friendly and appreciative of excellent communication and service. I am living my dream! Tell me about your experience? Kind regards Helena
  16. I love buyers requests! I’ve responded to over 800 of them over the past year (and a half) and I’ve made contact with wonderful people, some who are now regular buyers. So, my advice will be - just keep at it. The more active gigs you have, the more buyers requests will open up and as you move up on the levels, more relevant ones will come up. Yes, there are duds, but there are a lot of diamonds too. You’ll never know, until you go delving. Happy mining!
  17. Hi, I am a level 2 seller with more than 200 completed orders. Recently, I had quite a lot of buyers contacting me - just saying “Hi, how are you?” and nothing else. I never hear from them again. Is this strange, or is it just me? 😃 Has anyone else had the same experience? Recently, I did not reply to such a message and subsequently, my response rate dropped. I was penalized for not answering - so I was just wondering: could it be that people are trying to get the ratings of others down? Conspiracy theorist, haha. What I took from this is ALWAYS to reply, no matter how lame the message may be. If they say ‘hi,’ I say hi. Or, what do you think? Have a great day. Helena
  18. Hi, it is my birthday tomorrow, and the buyer wants to tip me after order completion! Nice, hey? Only - how to do it? Can anyone help?
  19. That’s nice of you Josh, thanks! Yes, it is human, hey? We tend to focus on the one bad thing and forget about the 70 good ones.
  20. Hi, I’ve been on Fiverr for 9 months and never had a bad review. This morning, a buyer for whom I bent over backward - even gave him some free time to tend to his concerns, gave me a really bad review. What’s your experience? Will Fiverr remove such a bad review if they look at my overall profile, ratings and reviews from other buyers?
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