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  1. This is interesting. What is your question exactly, and why are you asking it on this forum? Possible answers: Of course you can! It is your life. Work full-time on Fiverr, who is going to stop you?No, it is not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket. Don’t quit your day job yet. It can take a long time to get successful on this platform.Pick your answer. None of these are right or wrong. Both can be right; both can be wrong. Only one can apply to you. Who knows? You are asking a question that no-one here can answer for you. Only you know your unique circumstances.
  2. Yay! I booked too. See you guys! @vickiespencer @coerdelion @wolfhowler @marinapomorac
  3. Sometimes this makes me laugh. Other times I am just sad.
  4. 2020-06-20 (3)844×602 74.5 KBThe opportunity to work with this guy is priceless because his budget is $14 (and not a penny more.)
  5. Let me know when the money is cleared, until then… EDIT My experience on Fiverr as a buyer was horrible, mostly. Scammers and frauds all over, and only as I started to work as a seller, I see the full range of how things work and how much work you have to put into getting skilled people to do the job. The concept of getting 800$ after starting with 5$ is just surreal. I do not see buyers with a budget of 800$ using Fiverr, so I hope your experience turns out positive, and you actually get paid. @marinapomorac It has happened to me too in the past. Not all BR buyers are scammers.
  6. ;ll Sorry, but I don’t see how a buyer would read between the lines here. You can’t ask a buyer for a review. Accept it early in your Fiverr career. You will feel better overall if you have authentic, non-solicited reviews. I am an occasional buyer myself, and I know that Fiverr reminds me of the opportunity to leave a review. If I chose not to leave one, it is my business. If you ask me for one, I might not give a 5-star one, especially if that was my reason for not leaving a review in the first place.
  7. @vepthy Please enlighten those of us that are ‘clueless.’ Would it be safe just to ignore zipped files? I suppose my Norton will take care of the rest?
  8. I bid on BR as part of my normal routine. 2-3 requests per day.
  9. At least he doesn’t offer a guarantee …
  10. My orders actually picked up a little. I am wondering about that algorithm test!
  11. 2020-06-03 (7)1920×1080 611 KBI love this one.
  12. BR Secret Giggles @urdeke @marinapomorac 2020-06-03 (8)1920×1080 319 KB
  13. 😃 I don’t know how to create a sub-section! I have to read up on it. Perhaps start a new thread with a funky name?
  14. Personally, I would hate that. I really think there is a place for BR and there’s nothing like the thrill of placing a winning bet! There should be some sort of vetting process however - for buyers AND sellers. I won’t go into it, it has been hashed out quite a few times already. I would just like to say that I like the fact that a seller can also take matters into his/her own hands and try to win an order. I would say 70% of my orders (and long-time buyers) come from BR.
  15. I’ll support you all the way. The world needs more howlers.
  16. I like your howl, @wolfhowler Was it intentional?
  17. I was interested, so I clicked on your forum summary. It says that you only joined Fiverr on the 12th of May. So, please tell us, how do you get to 37 days? Perhaps you went into the future and came back? Please tell us more.
  18. @urdeke I would love to make this ‘thing’ with you! Let’s start a BR Secret Giggles Group.
  19. Read the forum, please. There is more than enough valuable advice here already.
  20. So, I like Buyer Requests. I met some of my best repeat buyers there. But, BR also provides much entertainment! Here are my favorites of the day: My Request Read carefully before applying blindly: I need a Content Writer. Original Content required. I want 25 posts of Original 1700-3500 words each. Each post should have original infographics, Fixed charges $10 for all 25 posts. (Yes you read it.) 25-35 days’ time would be given. Please note:: I am Not paying $10 per post. The price for 25 posts collectively is $10. Please write “I am” while replying so that I understood you have read my post.What can I say? An original 1700-word article takes me about 3-4 hours to write. Add some infographics - another half hour or so? So, let’s round it to 4 hours for the argument. Yes, of course, I’ll be willing to do 4 hours x 25 for $10. What an opportunity! i am writing a story , its just two pages , its about falling involve with two brothers not knowing they were brothers that were princes. i need someone to help me main points 1- aurora (main character) came from the elite , very rich powerful family main character , the brothers she fell involve with were both princes… 2- auroras mother left her as a child , which made her rebellious / going to shrinks etc 3- she fell inlove with prince #1 when she was 15 they met at a gala she were inlove for years until he was forced into a marriage 4- aurora never recovered from the heartbreak 5- she met prince number 2 , not knowing he was his brother and fell inlove again after 8 years of feeling empty what I need : suspense thriller make people cry make them want more i have asked a couple of writers to write 2 pages … based on their imagination , if i like it , they will be chosen ! ( price will go higher depends how much work is done)A love story, suspense-thriller. I must add here that the budget for this is $4000. I might just do it. The price can even go higher! I am looking for a written work an arrival about health,how to lose fat, computer or etcTo be fair, this one has a $5 budget. What especially tickles me is the connection between the fat-losing and the computer. The ‘or etc.’ opens up a whole world of imaginary fun. Can you blame me that I like BR?
  21. What concerns me is your spelling. “Offerts” “Giggs” “any1” I don’t know if it is just me, but spelling is a dealbreaker for me. Grammarly offers a free check and will pick up obvious mistakes - perhaps download the program, even if you don’t provide writing service. You won’t attract quality buyers with these types of messages. Also, how do you apply to offers? Is it a personable custom answer, telling the buyer exactly what he or she can expect from you? It is a much-discussed topic on the forum. I won’t go into it again. I suggest you search and read more about pitching.
  22. A buyer will sometimes surprise you! I’ve recently ‘changed’ a $150 order into a $1000 one, just because I very friendly and politely told the buyer how I saw the scope of his project. He agreed! It doesn’t happen much, but it is possible. I think if you write the buyer an amicable note, explaining the matter as you did to us, you might be able to squeeze out a few more bucks for the second and third rewrite. If they are happy with your work, they might not need the hassle of trying to get someone else to do the job. It might be worth a try!
  23. I think you should charge more. It is your time after all! It depends on how badly you want the work, I suppose. The buyer can easily refuse to pay more.
  24. Yes, please! I would also like to do this.
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