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  1. Be patient and share your gig twitter and linked in I believe you can get order.
  2. Ah! Then it’s not much, I thought it was more days, Thank you! Please contact customer care I face same problem and support fixed this nicely.
  3. This article is really helpful. Thanks for share it.
  4. Thanks for share its really helpful.
  5. Just keep going hope you got it soon
  6. I think you need to share your gig social media for more impression and click.
  7. Really nice post, I try to flow your instruction .
  8. Active forum and share your gig in social media as much as you can.
  9. really nothing this happen not only one gig all of my gig show same result " 0"
  10. At a time all of my gig impression show “0”. I don’t change any gig last 20 days. Last night all was ok but today I notice this. Don’t know why and what I need to do. I also got an order 2 days ago I submit my order timely but the buyer didn’t get any feedback just nothing no positive or negative I just tell him maybe you forget to get the review he just answers “Yes, I have to do that” I think this is not a cause for impression and view. Please suggest me what I need to do and how can I solve it. Thanks Rumana
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