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  1. Understood. It’s just been so frustrating not getting any orders. I have my Facebook tied to a separate email and i mostly have it for my day job. Not really interested in delving into more social media.
  2. Hello. I’ve been trying to sell my first gig since early December. No luck on the gigs I’m currently offering so I have been considering becoming a virtual assistant. The problem is I have no idea what to expect. What’s it like?
  3. I am in the same boat. I personally already lowered prices. No lie, I am getting anxious. Good luck on your entrepreneurial journey.
  4. Two of my gigs consist of making templates for buyers using either Microsoft word or excel. However it just occured to me that, for example, at my day job, I email a client a word document, it shows differently to them then the way I intended. Is this a potential problem for my gigs here on Fiverr?
  5. Going through the same thing bro. I’m a new seller trying to get buyers to purchase my gigs since early this month. So far no luck. But from what I have read on here, December is notoriously slow for freelancers here. Hopefully things pick up next month.
  6. I’ve created various gigs and have yet to land a buyer. Could I get feedback on my gigs from you guys? Maybe its over priced. Maybe i should add something. Maybe I should re word some things. What do you think?
  7. For the second consecutive morning, I’ve been messaged here on Fiverr by random people offering to make for me if I make a US profile on upwork and basically let them use it as their own. Seems sketchy to say the least. Beware!
  8. Its a one time purchase and fully customizable.
  9. I appreciate you guys making me feel welcome. @vickiespencer Good point. I will move ahead with a transcribing gig for 5 Bucks.
  10. Hello, my name’s Elias. I’m hoping to land buyers by selling custom templates people can use for invoicing, or contact forms and such. Check them out if you’d like. I’d like input to know if I’m pricing things too high, as I haven’t sold any gigs yet. I’m also considering being a transcriber…
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