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  1. Hey! Sorry to hear that… I would contact Fiverr support, hopefully they will be able to help with this and also would send an extension date request to the customer. Hopefully they will see it and accept it.
  2. Can someone confirm this please? As far as I know it has been earlier, the 1* review that is automatic response to the late delivery. I think they changed it some time ago, so there isn’t anymore 1* review, but instead order can be canceled by buyer without seller’s approval.
  3. All good now, fixed it with the CS, but it can be pretty annoying, even though they have resolved it in that case, it can happen again surely, considering how many of the people her don’t quite understand how the Fiverr works.
  4. Then you send that as a message, not as a delivery. @zastrong’s buyer sent a partial delivery and that is not allowed. @zastrong, never accept an incomplete delivery. Sellers aren’t allowed to do that. Read the ToS again to refamiliarize yourself with your rights. Make a ticket to CS to get a refund and explain this to them so they can refund it for you. They should know this seller is breaking the rules, anyway. You’ll be helping other buyers to avoid getting scammed. Good luck! There may be some sellers that do that, I don’t, I work here and I am not scamming anyone. There are buyers though that when you send them all the files (including source which doesn’t have the watermark over), and they use you, ask for numerous revisions and always keep each one and use each one of them. Basically for price of 1 design they get 10, which isn’t allowed either. Therefore, I doubt there is a problem with working on project and once the main design is finalized to work on other files from the package as well. There are people that know how it works, and there are those who doesn’t and accept before getting all, but I always send all the files they ordered, sometimes even some free stuff as a gratis. 🙂
  5. All cool. 🙂 Really nothing to worry about, you can just send him a message about that you are happy with the final design and that you are awaiting on the rest of the files you’ve ordered and they will get back to you. 🙂 And if he isn’t answering, there can be a million reasons, maybe he is working, maybe he is spending Sunday afternoon with this family or what not, but you will surely get what you’ve paid for. 🙂
  6. You’re welcome! Well, maybe it’s night time for them, not sure in which times zone they are… But there is nothing to worry about, as a designer I know it very well, most of the customers accept the delivery when they like it, even though not all the files are sent, but then I get to work on everything else too and send them in a chat here on Fiverr. 🙂 It’s really time consuming to work on all the files for each delivery, so the best option for both a designer and a client is to finalize the logo first and then work on the rest of the files as well. So, check out what time zone they are in, and be patient. 🙂 Also, if you’ve already ordered business card you can think in a meantime for which info you’d like to have on your stationary so that you can provide it to the designer so he or she can work on it all. 🙂
  7. Hey Zack, to help your problem, most of designers when working on the logo send only jpg file so that customer can check it out and see if it needs changing or not, but once the design is as the customer likes it they work and send all the other files that are in the package ordered. So, my advice is to speak with person you are working with and if everything is ok tell them to send you all the rest of the files as agreed on purchasing… 🙂
  8. Hey, it happens sometimes… You can try to contact support and explain them what happened and why you’d want to fix it and I am sure they will allow you to fix that. 🙂
  9. Back once again, same issue… 2 orders placed double in the last 3 days by 2 different people… Ruined 2%, ticket sent, will see how it goes. As well as a proposition to make time frame between placing orders, so that same person can’t order something before 20 minutes pass, some people just don’t know how to use technology, some maybe to it intentionally, who knows, so that 20 minutes would be a life saver and a percentage saver for all of us… Hopefully Fiverr will consider doing something about this issue…
  10. Same thing with the message and alert. It’s all normal, saw it quite many times that I’ve lost count… Just patience and all will be good. 🙂
  11. Thank you! I am good for now. :)) This post is about 2 years old, just someone wanted to refresh and see how it’s going nowadays. 🙂
  12. No worries, they probably had some sort of maintenance or something.
  13. Fiverr is offline, you can’t send anything, delivery, messages, etc. It’s for all of us, hopefully they will fix it soon enough.
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